Orange Table for Under $10

Orange Table is a little hard to find, as it's tucked away in the Scottsdale Mall, but it's well worth the search because it provides a great lunch for less than $10.

It's close to Pepin--just look for the, what else, orange tables populating the eatery. The place has a hip vibe, with a young staff and lots of students who go there to study. It's also a favorite spot of dog owners, as canines are welcome on the patio.

The menu's super-healthy, as the spot features organic greens and natural, hormone-free meat. Sample items include Greek salads, green chili cheddar chicken melts and blue cheese burgers.

We got a Veggie sandwich ($8.50), with hummus, alfalfa and avocado. It was a huge, filling, flavorful sandwich.

Orange Table for Under $10

Our pal got an Artisan Tuna Melt ($9.50), with Provolone, tomato and red onion. It looked and smelled tasty.

Orange Table for Under $10

All sandwiches are served with chips, a pickle and a chocolate. And if you sit on the patio, you might be tempted to feed all the chips to the cute birds who hang out!

Orange Table for Under $10

For those who like breakfast for lunch, Orange Table serves it until 2 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday (until 11 a.m. on weekdays.) You can chow down on banana nut pancakes, omelettes and fried egg sandwiches, all for less than $10.

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