Otro Café in Phoenix: Happy Hour Report Card

Otro sets itself apart from Robson's original during happy hour.
Otro sets itself apart from Robson's original during happy hour.
Heather Hoch

The Spot: Otro Cafe 6035 North Seventh Street 602-266-0831

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The Hours: Happy Hour is offered daily from 2 until 6 p.m.

The Interior: You can't help but try to strike comparisons between Otro Café and Gallo Blanco. Though there are similarities between Doug Robson's two restaurants, there's plenty that sets the recently opened Otro apart. A lighter, more lounge-like interior makes Otro a much more comfortable, relaxed environment with plenty of booths to go around. The interior definitely isn't huge, though, so it seems once word spreads more about Otro it'll be as packed as its predecessor.

The egg, bean, and chorizo torta at Otro Cafe.
The egg, bean, and chorizo torta at Otro Cafe.
Heather Hoch

The Food: It's the little things that differ between the two menus that are making Otro more delicious for us. The flour tortillas on their tacos are a tasty break from usual corn tortilla street tacos. We tried out the pork, beef, and shrimp tacos, which are well worth the $5 they total during happy hour. The tacos' fillings were comparable to Gallo's preparation, which is fine by us.

Next, we sampled an egg, bean, and chorizo torta ($6), which is pretty much a hearty breakfast on a soft and lightly sweet bun. It was absolutely delicious, plus we're suckers for the black beans at Otro rather than Gallo's pintos. You can also sample the cotija and paprika covered elote ($4.25), guacamole classico ($2/$5) and a shrimp cocktail ($7.50) discounted during happy hour.  

The refreshing Paloma makes an appearance at Otro.
The refreshing Paloma makes an appearance at Otro.
Heather Hoch

The Drink: The generous 2 until 6 p.m. daily happy hour will give you ample time to sample the delicious drink discounts at Otro. Craft drafts go for $3 per pint with Arizona brews almost exclusively featured. Glasses of wine ($6) and specialty cocktails ($5) are also on the menu. We've loved the Paloma, a light and tangy combo of sparkling grapefruit and tequila, since we first tried it at Gallo Blanco, and we'll gladly pay $5 for it at Otro. Micheladas and spiked lemonades are also $5 during happy hour.

The Conclusion: Great food, tasty drinks, reasonable prices, and a relaxed, fun atmosphere all make Otro a great stop for happy hour. While there isn't a ton of variety for happy hour discounts and food only has $1 off regular pricing, what is offered is definitely worth the trip.

Grade: A-

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