Pizza Roulette Amazes/Potentially Kills Friends With Just One Slice!

The saying, "sex is like pizza -- even when it's bad, it's still pretty good," may not necessarily apply when it comes to Pizza Roulette -- in fact, it could be downright painful.

From the New Zealand-based pizza chain Hell Pizza, the company's latest promotion features a regular pizza, but with a single slice that contains a few drops of Blair's 3 AM Reserve, a pepper extract topping out at 2,000,000 scoville units -- making it 1,000 times stronger than a jalapeño and about the same intensity as police pepper spray.

Oh, and before you invite your deathwish/masochist/sadist pizza pals over for a hell-hot bite, make sure to read the disclaimer.

Read on for a video of members of the New Zealand cricket team, the Wellington Firebirds, playing Pizza Roulette. It'll bring tears to your eyes.

(via: Reddit)

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