Pop Culture: Big Red

Big Red, in various states. We drank the 2 liter.
Big Red, in various states. We drank the 2 liter.

A trip to Texas two weeks ago reawakened a long-held love of mine: Big Red. The creamy, bubble gumesque concoction is ubiquitous in the The Lone Star State, particularly in the hallowed halls of smokey barbecue joints. We didn't have any brisket to pair with it, but I put the soda to test with our panel of tasters. Regrettably, they didn't find the Waco-made pop (the sixth best selling brand in the U.S., if you can believe it!) nearly as enjoyable as I did.

Verdict: I've always loved Big Red, which reminds me of childhood vacations to the Southern states where it's available. It's a unique taste, and not something I'd drink every day, but when I'm in the mood for a Big Red (which I am when I eat barbecue) it's pretty fantastic.

Jasmine: "It's awful. It reminds me of that stuff you get in the dentist's office."

Jonathan: "This tastes like the stuff that comes in baseball cards."

Jay: "I liked it as a kid but I just can't do it anymore. This (2 ounces) is as much as I can drink."

Peter: "Faygo Red Pop is better than this."

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