Pulled Pork Sandwich at Hillside Spot

Pulled Pork Sandwich at Hillside Spot

I may never eat IKEA's Swedish meatballs again.

After a post-New Year's Day pilgrimage to ogle fabrics and cute dishware that I really don't need at Tempe's uber-retailer, I remembered that new Hillside Spot is just down the street, on the other side of I-10 (4740 E. Warner Rd.).

Considering the huge breakfast I'd eaten that day, I should've had a salad, but the pulled pork sandwich called my name.

The slow-roasted pork had a delicious smokiness that went well with the tangy homemade coleslaw topping. Just as killer was the bread -- soft, toasted telera from La Sonorense, like what owner Doug Robson uses for the tortas at Gallo Blanco Cafe.

Pulled Pork Sandwich at Hillside Spot

It's a bright, airy space, with fresh pastries to tempt you when you order at the counter, and a huge open kitchen where you can see your food being prepared. Doesn't it sound a little bit like La Grande Orange? Indeed, that's what it reminded me of. Not surprising, really, considering that Robson used to work for LGO.

Ahwatukee needed a place like this.

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