Happier times -- for us.
Happier times -- for us.

Punky Brewster Has a Cooking Blog -- And It's Terrible.

For those old enough to remember Punky Brewster, the NBC sitcom starring Soleil Moon Frye as Penelope "Punky" Brewster, a precocious and endearing pigtailed tot being raised by her foster parent, prepare for a liposuction of your childhood memories.

Gothamist reports that the now-adult Moon Fry (hubba, hubba!), along with being an author and something called a "mommy blogger," has been chosen by Kraft to host a "mommy-centric" video cooking blog called Her Say.

Gothamist reports that the blog is mainly a marketing vehicle for Kraft, with 40 of 72 two- to four- minute episodes hawking their products. And when they're not singing the praises of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese (It's the cheesiest!), Moon Frye and co-host, Jennifer Brandt, dish days-old gossip. (sigh.)

Oh, Punky, why? I liked you better when you were dating Mark Walberg (hubba, hubba!)

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