Put Your Juicer to Good Use with Our Margarita Recipe

The juicing craze seems to still be in full swing, so let's go a step further from the typical post gym pick-me-up and throw some alcohol in the mix! Margaritas are a summer staple 'round these parts. They're easy to make, refreshing, and can be made in frozen form. What's not to love? Take a look at these non-traditional but still delicious margaritas made using a juicer.

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Here's what you'll need: Fresh fruit (we went with cucumber, watermelon, and pineapple) tequila triple sec margarita salt lemon/ lime

The first step is putting the fresh fruit through a juicer. Next, add tequila and triple sec. The easiest way to measure quantities is to use a 2:1:1 ratio, with the largest portion being fresh juice. Once those three ingredients are combined, take a lime wedge and rub it along the edge of the glass. Dip the glass into margarita salt, completely coating the rim. Add ice to the glass, then pour yourself a drink. Top off with a few squeezes of lemon and use a lime as garnish. If you prefer sweet cocktails you may add simple syrup, but we found that the fresh fruit was sweet enough for our taste.

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Laura Armenta

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