RAREaffair Didn't Disappoint
Zach Fowle

RAREaffair Didn't Disappoint

​Beer for Brains sure knows how to throw a party.

On Saturday, close to 800 beer lovers soaked themselves in suds at the RAREaffair, thrown by the Beer for Brains Foundation. Held at Talking Stick Resort, this no-limit food-and-drink-tasting event featured more than 75 beers for sipping. While some brews were decidedly NOT rare (Sleepy Dog Wet Snout? Phoenix Ale Camelback IPA? For god's sake, a Blue Moon beer was on tap), the available suds were, for the most part, pretty epic.

Catch our favorites after the jump:


  • Deschutes Dissident - A sour brown ale, Dissident delivered bright, tart flavors that slapped our taste buds awake. 
  • Four Peaks Sirius Black - A little harsh to our palates when this barrel-aged imperial stout first premiered as Four Peaks' Winter Wobbler in 2008, Sirius Black is now butter-smooth, with a beautiful blend of roasty, boozy flavors.
  • Alaskan Smoked Porter 2004 - Great fresh and even better aged, this porter made with alder wood-smoked malt tasted like chocolate being cooked over a campfire. 
  • Short's Huma-Lupa-Licious - Short's, a Michigan-based brewery, doesn't distribute to Arizona, so this hoppy IPA was an extra-special treat. 
  • Odell Mango Habanero IPA - Odell stole the show with their cask of this sweet, spicy, dank IPA.
  • Thirsty yet? Click here to see the photos.

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