Raw Honeycomb from Health Foodie: This Week's Fresh Pick

Health Foodie's honeycomb is the sweet side of allergy relief.
Health Foodie's honeycomb is the sweet side of allergy relief.
Heather Hoch

We've heard all those sniffles and sneezes since the weather mellowed out and the indigenous and not so indigenous flora began blooming again. We've seen those itchy, red eyes and we're here to offer some healthy, natural relief courtesy of Health Foodie's honeycomb.

Raw and local honey is known to be the antidote to the allergy blues by introducing to your system the pollen your body's negatively reacting to. Honey is great and all, but once you give honeycomb a try, you'll see why it's our go to allergy cure.

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Price: $40 per pound

Vendor: Health Foodie

Where to Pick It Up: Old Town Farmers Market, Open Saturday from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m.

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A peek under Health Foodie's honeycomb packaging.
A peek under Health Foodie's honeycomb packaging.
Heather Hoch

While honeycomb is an amazing experience on its own, due to its innate sweetness and ability to melt in your mouth, it's also great on oatmeal or chopped in salads. As usual, we can't help but think what a show-stopping garnish it'd make on a cocktail like a hot toddy. However, the best part of Health Foodie's honeycomb is that it comes from bees that pollinate Maya's Farm produce and herbs like sage and mint. Forty dollars is a lot to spend on a pound of anything, but its flavor and color are absolutely golden, so splurge away.

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