Reading: Good Greasy Eats

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Who writes it: The blog is powered by several people throughout the country, including residents in Pittsburgh and Phoenix. The blog's written by average Joes, including a film school drop-out, a cookbook writer, a business student, a zookeeper and a doctor. They all give their takes on food in places such as Las Vegas, Los Angeles and, of course, Phoenix.

Reading: Good Greasy Eats

Why you should visit it: It's always good to get a variety of perspectives on food, although this blog is dominated by Gary Weinberg (the film school drop-out.) He's also a Phoenix resident, and since the blog's only been around for about 6 months, it's possible the other writers may start contributing more. Weinberg writes in a conversational tone, as if he's talking to you as a friend, and he goes through his restaurant experiences step-by-step and writes humorously. He also covers a variety of places, from delis (Defalco's) to fast casual restaurants (La Grande Orange Pizzeria) to fancier spots (Frasher's Steakhouse). There's also a news section that, while meager, has potential to keep Phoenicians up to speed on what's going on dining-wise.

Our favorite post: This post on Smashburger came right after the joint opened and is smartly written and contains mouthwatering pictures. It contains a little bit of snark ("If Smashburger has a weakness, it's the hours of operation. I mean, come on.. you are operating on a college campus and closing at 10 PM every night? Seriously?"), and if the eatery is smart, it will listen to what Weinberg has to say.

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