Reading: Justin Eats.

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Who writes it: Justin Lee is a late 20-something who's an Arizona native and is a freelance writer who loves to eat and cook. He uses five tenets when reviewing eateries, including understanding the foods before he reviews them and going into restaurants with an open mind. It's evident the guy is very intelligent judging by the sharpness of his writing.

Reading: Justin Eats.

Why you should visit it: The blog has an extensive list of categories, and while it's a little difficulat to navigate, the writer seems like someone you'd want to take food advice from because he's unpretentious and thorough. In addition to posting lots of local takes on food, he also features tidbits from around the country.

Our favorite post: We love the "Personal Ramblings" section of the blog, where Justin talks about everything from movies to his opinion on frozen peas. In this post, Justin gets down and dirty about hot dogs and why they're so fabulous.


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