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Old-School Eats Old-School Eats
A good place to stick your buns
, December 28, 2006
I have to start wondering about the food when all people have to say about a restaurant is how neat it is. "Oh, it's so Arizona!" "That... More >>
Expense Account Expense Account
Truffles no trifle
, December 21, 2006
I wanted to fall in love. For years, I've been curious about a certain elegant stranger with the whole package: good looks, exquisite taste,... More >>
Memoirs of an Eggplant Memoirs of an Eggplant
A tastefully spicy sequel
, December 14, 2006
Sometimes all it takes is a taste of something — or even just the scent — to transport me to another place. I think of sangria-fueled New York... More >>
Nice Tip Nice Tip
Birth of the brews
, December 07, 2006
When Malcolm Gladwell wrote The Tipping Point a few years ago, he pointed to fashion trends like Hush Puppies as evidence of how trends reach... More >>
Worth the Drive Worth the Drive
Hidden jewel in a master-planned community
, November 30, 2006
"Geez, Michele, are we driving to New Mexico?" The two guys I was dragging to dinner weren't particularly hungry when we hopped on the I-10 in... More >>
Beyond Sushi Beyond Sushi
Touring Japanese
, November 23, 2006
My Japanese friends must get a kick out of me. I hang out with Yuko and Chinatsu every year when I visit Japan, a place I've been obsessed with... More >>
Ivy League Ivy League
A multi-tasking marvel
, November 16, 2006
So much eye candy, so little time. Visiting Olive & Ivy, a new dining hot spot at the Scottsdale Waterfront, is sensory overload in every way.... More >>
Farm Fresh Farm Fresh
La vida local
, November 09, 2006
I've always loved to read menus. All it takes to make me hungry for a dish I haven't tried yet is a vivid description and a dash of my own... More >>
Ice Age Ice Age
Delayed gratification
, November 02, 2006
Everyone has desperation meals. You know, those old standbys you eat when there's nothing in the fridge, you're tired, time-strapped, and... More >>
The Hole Truth The Hole Truth
Ain't too proud to bagel
, October 26, 2006
It's hilarious — and pathetic — to recall my notion of a bagel when I was a kid: rock-hard frozen rolls, usually six to a bag, that needed to be... More >>
Buried Treasure Buried Treasure
A fine mess to get into
, October 19, 2006
Quick — cue the menacing B-movie horror soundtrack so I can tear at my hair and shriek, "It's everywhere! Everywhere!" That's how I feel when... More >>
Gomo Often Gomo Often
It's the bomb, in a good way
, October 12, 2006
Damn that Tony Bourdain. Whenever I watch No Reservations, his jet-setting culinary Travel Channel show, I end up with unbearable cravings for... More >>
Star Struck Star Struck
Bunny versus duck
, October 05, 2006
This summer, I saw an amazing performance of the national anthem before a D-Backs game. The singer was a young boy with a graceful voice that... More >>
Resto the Story Resto the Story
Latin mess
, September 28, 2006
"Urban. Latin. Sexy. Chill." That caught my eye when I checked out the online menu for Ticoz, a self-described "resto-bar" that opened last... More >>
Royal  Feast Royal Feast
Dim sum of its parts
, September 21, 2006
Chandler used to strike me as a mild-mannered commuter 'burb that wasn't so different from other booming parts of the Valley — a young population... More >>
Crabby Chic Crabby Chic
Reeling in a big one
, September 14, 2006
If middle-school kids work at all, they might mow lawns or deliver papers to earn a few bucks. My first job was a little more unusual. Almost 20... More >>
Mex Appeal Mex Appeal
Bet this Ranch
, September 07, 2006
"This is cooool!" I almost blurted that out loud the first time I visited Tradiciones, a new Mexican restaurant at the Phoenix Ranch Market.... More >>
D.I.Y. Dining D.I.Y. Dining
Auto da pho
, August 31, 2006
If you can't make something from scratch, customizing it is the next best thing. When I bought a new car, I could hardly stand to drive it... More >>
Thai Me Up Thai Me Up
Siam what Siam
, August 24, 2006
It's not hard to figure out why college students and ethnic restaurants go hand in hand. One demands food that's a cheap, quick, and tasty... More >>
Dance Flavor Dance Flavor
Can't spin these platters
, August 17, 2006
Multitasking is nothing new to downtown businesses, especially when it comes to nightlife. Think of Modified Arts (an art gallery/music venue),... More >>
Sweet Success Sweet Success
Euro 'kay
, August 10, 2006
Going out to dinner with my Uncle Jim feels like performance art. Uncle Jim's encyclopedic knowledge of food comes from years spent paying his... More >>
G Spot G Spot
No more whining
, August 03, 2006
A few years ago, I moved to a historic district near downtown Phoenix, figuring that the best way to support the city's renaissance was to live... More >>
Fair Trade Fair Trade
Something old, something new
, July 27, 2006
When I was a kid, I could not wait to become an adult, and my grandparents' themed cocktail parties fueled my imagination. Not that my memories... More >>
Big Mouth Big Mouth
Land of the falling expectation
, July 20, 2006
The expectations game can be as dangerous for restaurant owners as playing mumblety-peg with a 10-inch, razor-sharp Bowie knife. If you roll into... More >>
Harry's Taco Harry's Taco
A theme within a theme
, July 13, 2006
Pink Taco is to Mexican grub what the House of Blues is to soul food, or P.F. Chang's is to Chinese. Each of these spots doles out eats for... More >>
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