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Organ-icky Organ-icky
Tea for none
, July 06, 2006
The late '70s. California. Macrobiotic cooking. Wacky New Age cults. Jogging. Yoga. Tibetan Buddhism. Jerry Brown and Linda Ronstadt. Uri Geller.... More >>
Tofu U Tofu U
A very strange enchanted soy
, June 29, 2006
I wonder if Damon Brasch could do for veganism what American Apparel founder Dov Charney has done for generic clothing: make it sexy as all... More >>
Iddly Ain't Piddly Iddly Ain't Piddly
The pleasures of no flesh
, June 22, 2006
There's been no love lost between myself and those belonging to the Valley's veg-head clan. And I'm a big enough man -- literally as well as... More >>
Paradise Regained Paradise Regained
Kebab's your uncle
, June 15, 2006
Why have I been skipping around the office, of late, humming Iron Butterfly's heavy metal classic "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" as I go? Have I been doing... More >>
Fisherman's Boos Fisherman's Boos
Throw this one back
, June 08, 2006
A humongous Pop-Tart. That's what this marionberry cobbler -- named for a type of blackberry, not the erstwhile mayor of D.C. -- reminds me of,... More >>
Guinea Piggery Guinea Piggery
The little bistro that should
, June 01, 2006
There are a barrel of jackasses out there in foodie land who insist I'm never supposed to visit a fresh grubbateria until it's survived six... More >>
Sun City Thai Sun City Thai
The satay after
, May 25, 2006
I used to loathe doggie bags, mainly the way they stink up the sedan as you're motoring home with half a curry fermenting in the back seat. But... More >>
Roll  Meister Roll Meister
Wake up, little sushi
, May 18, 2006
I must be paying for the sins of a past life. Why is it every time I locate a new sushi purveyor that I'd like to put into heavy rotation for my... More >>
May Day May Day
Going tapas
, May 11, 2006
On paper, the whole concept of tapas must seem a boon to money-grubbing restaurateurs everywhere, which is why nearly every upscale nightclub you... More >>
Cinco de Steve-O Cinco de Steve-O
A fiesta in your mouth
, May 04, 2006
The ofays in this town would starve without Mexicans, whether legal, illegal, or full-blown citizens. Seems like just about every eatery in... More >>
Lasso Me Lasso Me
Friend of pho
, April 27, 2006
In case you haven't noticed, I've been burning a humongo hole in my billfold the past few weeks, eating out at all these high-dollar... More >>
Commons Killer Commons Killer
Conceptual like a Fox
, April 20, 2006
If there's any place in town that has me daydreaming about bloody guillotines and headless aristocrats, it's Kierland Commons, though my... More >>
Secret Sharer Secret Sharer
Grape and murder
, April 13, 2006
Halfway through the slightly acidic creaminess of my sorrel bisque, and well into a second bottle of value-priced Pinot Noir with my dining... More >>
Liège Largess Liège Largess
Belgian endeavor
, April 06, 2006
Hoist the Belgian tricolor and strike up that kingdom's national anthem, "La Brabançonne." Chart a course for the ancient port city of Antwerp,... More >>
Name Blame Name Blame
Scores some hits, but not destination dining yet
, March 30, 2006
I'd have a rough time coining a more idiotic name for a restaurant than "Cocono's," the d.b.a. of the new West Valley venture brought to us by... More >>
Crescent Fresh Crescent Fresh
The cafe that foot traffic forgot
, March 23, 2006
I've had New Orleans on the cerebrum lately, and not just because the Katrina disaster remains an open sore on the American body politic. I... More >>
Blarney Boned Blarney Boned
Turning of the green
, March 16, 2006
Holy headcheese, not another freakin' Irish place! Now, don't ruffle your kilts, lads. After all, it is St. Paddy's Day, and this is the only... More >>
Pogue Mahone Pogue Mahone
Erin go bar
, March 09, 2006
Irish Disneylands? You bet they exist. Actually, I'm as sure that Shane MacGowan likes his Jameson that you've been to one. Hard to avoid 'em in... More >>
Uni  Vision Uni Vision
Roll with it
, March 02, 2006
Outstanding sushi in the wiles of the northwest Valley? Yeah, right. Now you'll be telling me that President Bush has been secretly planning to... More >>
Killing Me Softly Killing Me Softly
A person's got to eat
, February 23, 2006
Would it trouble you terribly if I told you that I'm guilty of murder? The murder of a strapping, dark-haired chap, whom I'd only just met in... More >>
Thai Tee Off Thai Tee Off
Currying favor
, February 16, 2006
By the Great Seal of Solomon, they were the most treacherous 18 holes I've ever encountered in all my years as a golf enthusiast. I don't know... More >>
Jamrock Jaunt Jamrock Jaunt
Cool jerk
, February 09, 2006
How's this for synchronicity, Carl Jung fans: I'm driving down Broadway in SoPo (a.k.a. South Phoenix), my windows open and my system blasting... More >>
Greek  Love Greek Love
Saganaki mon amour
, February 02, 2006
Did you know that the German fashion house Hugo Boss outfitted the Nazi SS during WWII? That many of the clocks in Quentin Tarantino's Pulp... More >>
Pox  Populi Pox Populi
Odds are against the few good bites
, January 26, 2006
The classic rock jams filtering through the stereo system at the Yard House in Desert Ridge are hand-picked at the corp's Irvine HQ by none other... More >>
Tandoori Tummy Tandoori Tummy
Feast of clay
, January 19, 2006
I was home alone, meditating in the buff after a particularly sweaty yoga workout, when he appeared to me in a blaze of glory: the four-armed,... More >>
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