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Nighthawk Noshes Nighthawk Noshes
Beyond the diner
, October 13, 2005
If Gotham is the city that never sleeps, then culinarily speaking, Phoenix gets all its beauty rest and then some. The primary complaint I hear... More >>
Dragon Catcher Dragon Catcher
Chow yum
, October 06, 2005
Super Dragon, I know, sounds like one of those fantastic drawings Jon Heder does while portraying ultra-nerd Napoleon Dynamite in the flick of... More >>
¡Tortas Gigantes! ¡Tortas Gigantes!
They fill your pan
, September 29, 2005
I have been to the mountaintop, and, yes, I've eaten it, because that's just the kind of guy I am. The edible pinnacle of which I speak is as... More >>
Hurts So Good Hurts So Good
They'll Thai you up
, September 22, 2005
Unless you have a tongue made of cast iron and a mouth lined with ceramic tiles, the clear noodle salad at Sala Thai Restaurant on 32nd Street, a... More >>
Chain Gang Chain Gang
Hunger's not so bad
, September 15, 2005
Are all restaurant chains doomed to suck eggs like Old Yeller? Not necessarily. It's hard to find fault with a Chambord margarita from Z'Tejas,... More >>
The View From Vu The View From Vu
Great American nouvelle
, September 08, 2005
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory: That's what -- poof -- appears in my cranium like a two-bit magician behind a puff of smoke as I walk back... More >>
Tables Turned Tables Turned
Disarming hospitality
, September 01, 2005
My nostrils are so filled with the stink of keister-kissing by the other restaurant critics in this city that I long for nothing more than the... More >>
Tower of Pizza Tower of Pizza
Live and let pie
, August 25, 2005
The most superlative pizza I've ever scarfed was from storefront pizzerias in Manhattan and Brooklyn, usually after stumbling out of some tavern.... More >>
Dim Sum Days Dim Sum Days
The best à la cart(e)
, August 18, 2005
The only deity I've ever had a personal affinity for is that corpulent, jolly "buddha" with a small "b" known as Jin Foo, Bu Dai, or Hotei,... More >>
Flan Fanatic Flan Fanatic
Custard's last stand
, August 11, 2005
Flan is one of those desserts people pooh-pooh, as if its production seems too simple, or its presence in a Southwestern town like ours too... More >>
Grade Inflation Grade Inflation
D is for don't go there
, August 04, 2005
I'm at a sushi bar the other day, waiting for the chef to finish up some toro nigiri for me, when I decide to pay the raw-fish maestro a... More >>
Rib-Tickler Rib-Tickler
Pig flies to Mesa
, July 28, 2005
No slight intended to that toddlin' town of Mesa, but few are the delectations that would motivate me to drive down to that burg in... More >>
Tepid Tapas Tepid Tapas
Putting the pain in Spain
, July 21, 2005
If I were not duty-bound to visit a restaurant more than once before reviewing it, I never would have returned to Scottsdale's Tapas after my... More >>
Urban Legends Urban Legends
Continents get cozy
, July 14, 2005
Does anyone else cringe when they hear of Mayor Phil Gordon's front porch benches and how they're now greeting visitors at Sky Harbor Airport?... More >>
Crazy Love Crazy Love
Dude meets ranch
, July 07, 2005
I feel like kicking up my heels à la Tom Cruise and pumping my fist for joy. That's right, I'm in love, and I don't care how dirty I get Oprah's... More >>
Reality Check Reality Check
Better be good
, June 30, 2005
Chef Christopher Gross never misses a lick when it comes to reminding you of all the plaudits he's picked up in his day. There's a fairly... More >>
Somali Sublime Somali Sublime
They've got your goat
, June 23, 2005
Dining in Phoenix sometimes feels like going toe-to-toe with Torquemada during the Spanish Inquisition, or at least Monty Python in that skit... More >>
Sammy Time Sammy Time
Fresh pasture for downtown grazing
, June 16, 2005
Call me the Benedict Arnold of Phoenix boosterism for saying so, but the thought of light rail does not titillate me. Nor does the prospect of... More >>
Wing Nuts Wing Nuts
Rival eateries play chicken
, June 09, 2005
Like the late, great Rodney Dangerfield, Buffalo wings get no respect, no respect at all. The name "Buffalo" hardly engenders esteem, as that... More >>
The Sweet Life The Sweet Life
So many flavors, so little time
, June 02, 2005
Whenever I visit The Gelato Spot, that new purveyor of Italian "ice cream" across from Zen 32 at 32nd Street and Camelback Road, I'm often... More >>
Pie-Faced Pie-Faced
Pizza guy gets lucky
, May 26, 2005
Pizza is one of those foods I enjoy too much to actually indulge in very often. Once the feeding frenzy begins in earnest, I'll go through an... More >>
Sausage Fest Sausage Fest
It was the wurst of times
, May 19, 2005
For this food critic, there's nothing quite as satisfying as gnawing on a hunk of butt while perusing the Scottsdale-based Serbian Times and... More >>
Rule, Britannia! Rule, Britannia!
Cod is great
, May 12, 2005
As any Birkenstocks-clad liberal arts major will tell you ad nauseam if you let him, the word "empire" is a loaded term, a Pandora's box of... More >>
Karma and Camus Karma and Camus
The cure for existential munchies
, May 05, 2005
I'm fairly skeptical about the concept of some sort of cosmic justice, whether it be a benevolent graybeard on a throne up in heaven, or... More >>
Colombian Chow-Down Colombian Chow-Down
You'll have a lot on your plato
, April 28, 2005
Like most foodies, I'm fond of almost all ethnic cuisines, and I'm always heartened to hear of another attempting a toe-hold in greater Phoenix.... More >>
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