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A Perfect Storm A Perfect Storm
Unbridled, unexpected, sometimes unsettling, but always exciting
, August 21, 2003
The sky is rumbling, in that deep, dark voice. Which, in the language of the Valley, means monsoon season has arrived. The thunder is teasing... More >>
Hooked on Craic Hooked on Craic
An Irish pub with unbelievable dishes
, August 14, 2003
Fibber Magees, see, is an Irish restaurant and pub. It celebrates the Celtic concept of "craic" (pronounced "crack"), meaning a fun,... More >>
Fate Accompli Fate Accompli
There are few more exciting restaurants in our Valley
, August 07, 2003
Chef Johnny Chu stops by our table for a visit. He was impressed by the quantity of food my party ordered, he says, and wants to see what in the... More >>
French Fried French Fried
Citron is taking August "off." I won't be back in September.
, July 31, 2003
Perhaps it's not fair of me to be so disappointed with Café Citron. It could be that I'm too jealous of one of my friends, he being a very lucky... More >>
Sugo Wrestling Sugo Wrestling
Each go around just kept getting better
, July 24, 2003
When I first looked up the Italian definition of "sugo," the translation I got was "gravy." Which is curious, because Sugo, the latest hot... More >>
Wallet World Wallet World
Here's a meal well worth its high price
, July 17, 2003
A friend of mine has a curious pastime. He likes to go out with a large group of friends to pricey restaurants, and, when the bill arrives, play... More >>
West Side Glory West Side Glory
A fantasy come to life
, July 10, 2003
Two-month-old Hoffman's at 57th looks so wonderland adorable, I want to bring everyone I know to show it off as if it were my own private cafe. ... More >>
Persian Gulp Persian Gulp
Taste the flavors of Caspian without paying for airfare
, July 03, 2003
My friends and I were driving around Los Angeles the other weekend, in search of, what else, food. It's mucky hot in Phoenix these days, I hadn't... More >>
Number Crunching Number Crunching
Calculating tasty calorie, after tasty calorie
, June 26, 2003
My brain hurts. I've been trying to figure out what to have for dinner. Normally, such a decision would be no big deal: I've always been a... More >>
Breakfast Club Breakfast Club
Two of the Valley's premier places for morning munching
, June 19, 2003
My sister Elisabeth was wearing a tee shirt imprinted with the phrase "Breakfast of Champions." It was a cute thing, appliquéd with cartoons of... More >>
Resorting to Anchovies Resorting to Anchovies
The clean, sparkling flavors that epitomize regional Italian cuisine
, June 12, 2003
I've just realized that I've never eaten a fresh anchovy before. That's no great surprise to many people, I'm sure -- "no anchovies, please" is a... More >>
Going, Going, Gonzo Going, Going, Gonzo
Food fit for a Muppet
, June 05, 2003
Whether I feel sort of silly sitting in what's supposed to be a nice, grown-up restaurant eating a platter of mini corn dogs is not really the... More >>
Chasin' Player in Bogot&#225 Chasin' Player in Bogotá
Firing-up traditions of Colombia
, May 29, 2003
Note to my editor: I worked really hard on this article. It's about Colombian food, so I flew to the South American country's capital, Bogotá. I... More >>
Where's the Beefcake? Where's the Beefcake?
Adonis is M.I.A.
, May 22, 2003
At the risk of sounding as tacky as the guy who admits he eats at Hooters for the view, I must be blunt: I go to Pasta Brioni for the gorgeous... More >>
Tao Jones Tao Jones
Free your senses from desire with authenticity
, May 15, 2003
Berry Hom could do fine without another trip to Sky Harbor Airport, thanks very much. What with the heightened security there, and the... More >>
Atomic Fusion Atomic Fusion
A marriage of tasty and gourmet
, May 08, 2003
Fusion co-owner Jennifer Long is apologizing that the restaurant has run out of field greens. Would romaine be okay in my melon salad, she... More >>
sNooze, You Lose sNooze, You Lose
, May 01, 2003
My constantly curious pal has an honest question. "What's with all the different types of pasta in the world? I get that they come in different... More >>
Blown Away Blown Away
Looking for local restaurants to ease the pain
, April 24, 2003
I'm in mourning. My favorite Mexican restaurant in the world has closed. It blew up, actually. Earlier this month, Costa Brava was flattened by a... More >>
Torte Reform Torte Reform
, April 17, 2003
There's no question why my mom and I have decided to eat at the new Franco's Italian Caffe tonight. We can pretend it's convenience -- the... More >>
Pie vs. Pie Pie vs. Pie
Digging out of the Valley's pizza rut
, April 10, 2003
I'm feeling like that guy in Mystic Pizza, the cozy Julia Roberts movie from 1988. Remember him? He played "The Everyday Gourmet," a TV... More >>
War Rations War Rations
Portions aplenty are Basis for contentment
, April 03, 2003
The war has stimulated some interesting conversation in my group. As my friends and I reflect on what's been unfolding on our television sets,... More >>
Big Fat Greek Tragedy Big Fat Greek Tragedy
Film knockoff is awash in Mediterranean mediocrity
, March 27, 2003
No, I haven't seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding. The premise rankles my sensibilities way too much (really, a chick is dried up and desperate because... More >>
A Restaurant Named Desire A Restaurant Named Desire
Deseo delights discerning diners
, March 20, 2003
The hook was a good one: the opportunity to hang out with a dozen of the nation's favorite celebrity chefs and purchase autographed copies of... More >>
Small Time Cooks Small Time Cooks
The smaller the cafe, the more charming the food
, March 13, 2003
The best place to eat in all of Arizona is a tiny spot hidden away in Paradise Valley. It's got limited seating: just one formal table, with... More >>
Angel Food Angel Food
It's one, two, three bites en route to the old ball game
, March 06, 2003
Last week, the Cactus League got off to a soggy start, and so did my efforts to find decent eats near one of the meccas of springtime desert... More >>
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