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Heat Stroke of Genius Heat Stroke of Genius
Mi Casita worthy of hole-in-the-wall hall of fame
, September 05, 2002
My friend is visiting from Hawaii, the year-round paradise of Maui. He wants to embrace Arizona despite its bright full sunlight, he's insisting,... More >>
Room at  the In Room at the In
New and noteworthy, Élevé tastes like success
, August 29, 2002
This was to be my birthday dinner to remember, a landmark event staged last week at one of the world's best restaurants, Chez Panisse in... More >>
For Beta or Worse For Beta or Worse
Kids picket for the rights of fish-but not the ones on the menu
, August 22, 2002
I really should apologize to Cabo owner Chris Harter right now. I should be sharing with the dining public what a great restaurant he's created... More >>
A Pretty Pickle A Pretty Pickle
You'll find raw fish but no raw deals at the West Valley's Tabletop Grill
, August 15, 2002
My mom, as always, is thinking. And, as always, she's come up with a great idea. "A laminated plastic sheet," she muses, peering over the 13... More >>
Working Girl Blahs Working Girl Blahs
Cafe Santa Fe's New Mexican cuisine tastes like the same old thing
, August 08, 2002
Her eyes are glowing brightly, the way they always do after that third glass of Merlot. It's a brilliant, giddy look of edges erased, a... More >>
Got Rice? Got Rice?
Bunga Raya metes out a mediocre taste of Malaysia
, August 01, 2002
I was just trying to make some rice. It's only about 10,000 degrees outside right now. So who wants to cook and heat up the house even more? Or... More >>
Truck Stop Love Truck Stop Love
Pull into the Peppersauce Cafe for old-fashioned, no-frills fare
, July 25, 2002
The note tacked on the wall at the Peppersauce Cafe offers it up in a friendly drawl. "If you're a handyman who will work for food . . . and... More >>
Copper Squares Copper Squares
A downtown power lunch - without all that much power.
, July 18, 2002
Fred Unger is my new hero. Okay, I've never actually met the local resort developer, but I've got to believe that someone with his dedication to... More >>
Grape Nuts Grape Nuts
Wine, don't whine, with the unpretentious fun at Atlas Bistro
, July 11, 2002
My good friend Roy had made it his personal mission to teach me about wine. I'd met him, appropriately enough, at a wine tasting. But at a... More >>
Even Cow Girl Gets the Blues Even Cow Girl Gets the Blues
Organic eatery slings a steak that's hard to swallow
, July 04, 2002
Someone stop me before I have a cow. I don't want to churn out my own milk. I'm certainly not in it for the slaughter. I've just decided I want... More >>
Severe Grain Damage Severe Grain Damage
Vegan cafe serves up a raw deal
, June 27, 2002
Rawsome! is open for dinner just three days a week, and then for only four hours at a time. And for that, I say, thank goodness. It's not just... More >>
Rocky Joint Rocky Joint
Mezcal swaps Oaxacan flavor for Scottsdale style
, June 20, 2002
The craving for tacos was all-consuming. It was an unpleasant lust. No ordinary taco would suffice — no abomination of greasy ground beef and... More >>
Havana's Finest Havana's Finest
An adventure in the streets of Havana, and a find in a quiet corner of Tempe.
, June 13, 2002
Wherever we were, it seemed sure we weren't where we wanted to be. The taxi driver had grinned and waved as he sped off, leaving us alone on an... More >>
Pails in Comparison Pails in Comparison
Southwestern flavors prevail in menu's Mexican-American war
, June 06, 2002
I'm hoping that they've got my all-time favorite: garlic octopus. I can only pray they serve that other mouthwatering meal, whole fried snapper... More >>
Irish Eyes Aren't Smiling Irish Eyes Aren't Smiling
Ethnic offerings take backseat to lunch, American-style
, May 30, 2002
I'm so full of Rosie McCaffrey's beef stew, dunked in great quantities with thick, soft biscotti-like soda bread, that I'm suddenly having a hard... More >>
A Prime Number A Prime Number
Carnivores find a little tenderness as the rotisserie turns
, May 23, 2002
I'm thinking about homemade prime rib. Which I do surprisingly often. But I'm now thinking specifically about the prime rib that a friend of mine... More >>
Plumb Tasty Plumb Tasty
If a girl and a guy can't see eye to eye on redecorating, can they agree on lunch?
, May 16, 2002
Now this is a bummer: I've just spent $1.25 for a squat plastic bottle of Glaceau Smart Water, and nothing is happening. My 500 milliliters of... More >>
Pita Bistro
Part II of this week's Cafe review
, May 16, 2002
Maybe I should just recruit the guys at Pita Bistro to help me out. The cafe has a very lovely ladies' room, but more important, the fellows... More >>
To the 'N'th Degree To the 'N'th Degree
Jagne's Corner Cafe is for anyone who was comfort when comfort wasn't cool.
, May 09, 2002
"You make tuna casserole? Someone with your job actually eats tuna casserole?" My friend is incredulous. If I'd told her I whip up a mean... More >>
Meatball Wizard Meatball Wizard
La Famiglia dishes up Italian masterpieces flavored with family tradition
, May 02, 2002
Food decorates my refrigerator like international artwork. Tucked on the top shelf is the crock of Maui strawberry jam I discovered at a roadside... More >>
Sakes, Rice and Videotape Sakes, Rice and Videotape
Sushi enthusiasts belly up to the buffet
, April 25, 2002
I'd have to be a moron not to go for the deal the Blockbuster guy is offering. I came in for one DVD, but the store is running this special, and... More >>
The Iron Curtain Chefs
Facing off with the chefs of the Valley's new Eastern European eateries.
, April 18, 2002
There's no language barrier at Yasha From Russia. Despite the deli owner's heavy Russian accent, I understand quite clearly what he means when he... More >>
Armenia Restarant Armenia Restarant
, April 18, 2002
The waitress is trying to explain blinchik. "Have you ever been to IHOP?" she asks. "They've got something like it on their menu. Except ours... More >>
Bosnian Atmosphere Cafe
, April 18, 2002
There's another migration occurring Valleywide: commuters suddenly crisscrossing the city as never before, savoring our newly (finally) completed... More >>
Fit to Be Thai'd Fit to Be Thai'd
Thai one on at the West Valley's fiery Touch of Thai.
, April 11, 2002
Sprghzz. That's an actual quote. It's all I can muster after filling my mouth with phik khing, a dish that looks like timid vegetables in a... More >>
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