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Pails in Comparison Pails in Comparison
Southwestern flavors prevail in menu's Mexican-American war
, June 06, 2002
I'm hoping that they've got my all-time favorite: garlic octopus. I can only pray they serve that other mouthwatering meal, whole fried snapper... More >>
Irish Eyes Aren't Smiling Irish Eyes Aren't Smiling
Ethnic offerings take backseat to lunch, American-style
, May 30, 2002
I'm so full of Rosie McCaffrey's beef stew, dunked in great quantities with thick, soft biscotti-like soda bread, that I'm suddenly having a hard... More >>
A Prime Number A Prime Number
Carnivores find a little tenderness as the rotisserie turns
, May 23, 2002
I'm thinking about homemade prime rib. Which I do surprisingly often. But I'm now thinking specifically about the prime rib that a friend of mine... More >>
Plumb Tasty Plumb Tasty
If a girl and a guy can't see eye to eye on redecorating, can they agree on lunch?
, May 16, 2002
Now this is a bummer: I've just spent $1.25 for a squat plastic bottle of Glaceau Smart Water, and nothing is happening. My 500 milliliters of... More >>
Pita Bistro
Part II of this week's Cafe review
, May 16, 2002
Maybe I should just recruit the guys at Pita Bistro to help me out. The cafe has a very lovely ladies' room, but more important, the fellows... More >>
To the 'N'th Degree To the 'N'th Degree
Jagne's Corner Cafe is for anyone who was comfort when comfort wasn't cool.
, May 09, 2002
"You make tuna casserole? Someone with your job actually eats tuna casserole?" My friend is incredulous. If I'd told her I whip up a mean... More >>
Meatball Wizard Meatball Wizard
La Famiglia dishes up Italian masterpieces flavored with family tradition
, May 02, 2002
Food decorates my refrigerator like international artwork. Tucked on the top shelf is the crock of Maui strawberry jam I discovered at a roadside... More >>
Sakes, Rice and Videotape Sakes, Rice and Videotape
Sushi enthusiasts belly up to the buffet
, April 25, 2002
I'd have to be a moron not to go for the deal the Blockbuster guy is offering. I came in for one DVD, but the store is running this special, and... More >>
The Iron Curtain Chefs
Facing off with the chefs of the Valley's new Eastern European eateries.
, April 18, 2002
There's no language barrier at Yasha From Russia. Despite the deli owner's heavy Russian accent, I understand quite clearly what he means when he... More >>
Armenia Restarant Armenia Restarant
, April 18, 2002
The waitress is trying to explain blinchik. "Have you ever been to IHOP?" she asks. "They've got something like it on their menu. Except ours... More >>
Bosnian Atmosphere Cafe
, April 18, 2002
There's another migration occurring Valleywide: commuters suddenly crisscrossing the city as never before, savoring our newly (finally) completed... More >>
Fit to Be Thai'd Fit to Be Thai'd
Thai one on at the West Valley's fiery Touch of Thai.
, April 11, 2002
Sprghzz. That's an actual quote. It's all I can muster after filling my mouth with phik khing, a dish that looks like timid vegetables in a... More >>
The Jagger Edge The Jagger Edge
Furio is no ordinary club pretending to be a restaurant
, April 04, 2002
The burning question of the evening involves cocktails. One pal in my group of revelers has decided that the best drink is the Italian ice-lemon,... More >>
Too Sexy for My Soufflé Too Sexy for My Soufflé
Local Chefs hate Zinc Bistro, so you know it's gonna be good.
, March 28, 2002
It's finally happened. After almost 15 years of living in Scottsdale, I've become one of them. Not a yuppie, not yet, though I've decided that... More >>
At Livingston's, Don't Presume At Livingston's, Don't Presume
Low-fat radicals launch an attack on soul food in Scottsdale.
, March 21, 2002
I've heard of a disturbing movement toward making soul food healthful. There are recipes circulating from a group of Phoenix cooks who are... More >>
Gulp and Go Gulp and Go
Fast service, cheap prices, casual ambiance and terrific eats
, March 14, 2002
Here's how I feel about fast food: if I wanted to eat something prepared more for speed than taste, I'd eat my own lousy cooking. I admit it,... More >>
Grate Expectations Grate Expectations
Among the swanky desolation of Desert Ridge, there's the oasis of Grilled Expedition.
, March 07, 2002
A person could have starved to death living at Scottsdale's Desert Ridge since it opened in 1995. Sure, developers built gajillions of gorgeous... More >>
Gheimeh Shelter Gheimeh Shelter
They're holding the spices at Scottsdale's latest faux-ethnic restaurant
, February 28, 2002
Scottsdale's Thaifoon restaurant prides itself on what it is: a glamorous, trendy eatery with pleasant Thai-style food. Thaifoon also celebrates... More >>
Hungary for Love Hungary for Love
Prepare to eat heartily, and heavily, at Peter's Budapest Café
, February 21, 2002
There are several important things to keep in mind when dining at Peter's Budapest Café, a new Hungarian restaurant in Scottsdale. Prepare to... More >>
Ghee Whiz Ghee Whiz
The west side has a topnotch Indian restaurant once again
, February 14, 2002
For a cuisine that's been around some 5,000 years, Indian food is remarkably in keeping with contemporary tastes. It's low-fat, chock-full of... More >>
A Roll by Any Other Name A Roll by Any Other Name
I Love Sushi & Steak is to sushi as Hello Kitty is to cute
, February 07, 2002
It's not too difficult to figure out what the specialties are at I Love Sushi & Steak. The name's as straightforward as they come -- not like... More >>
A Meal of Living Dangerously A Meal of Living Dangerously
The Valley of the Sun gets a heaping helping of "cuisine de sol"
, January 31, 2002
I don't know why, but I find near-disasters thrilling. I'll never forget one dinner at Beef Eaters in Phoenix -- not because of the mediocre... More >>
Gag Order Gag Order
Pretzels are a logical -- and safe -- choice at Walker's Cafe
, January 24, 2002
So now it looks like the government may require warning labels on pretzels: "May cause choking and/or fainting." Thanks, President Bush.If... More >>
A Little Pizza Heaven A Little Pizza Heaven
Chic, affordable new Scottsdale eatery makes you say, “Grazie.”
, January 17, 2002
In Italian, grazie means thank you. In Valley of the Sun-speak, it means an exciting new cafe. Grazie Pizzeria and Wine Bar is the latest... More >>
Pacific Rim Shot Pacific Rim Shot
Sapporo is more than just another sushi bar
, January 10, 2002
My dining companion is joking that the new Sapporo reminds her so much of P.F. Chang's that if someone were to put that eatery's trademark entry... More >>
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