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Medium Well Medium Well
Portland's shows promise, especially at lunch
, October 18, 2001
Done right, beef bourguignon should be a classic dish that cravings are made of, with economical beef chuck made glamorous from a roll in flour,... More >>
Schlock Lobster Schlock Lobster
Is a crab shack in Cave Creek all itís cracked up to be?
, October 11, 2001
Fresh fish cut daily, reads the menu at The Cracked Crab. Note the word choice: cut, not caught, daily, although our gracious server assures us... More >>
Red, White and Food Red, White and Food
A sudden hunger for good old-fashioned American comfort food
, October 04, 2001
Back Porch Cafe President Bush is encouraging Americans to band together and support our country, and we're doing it. In this time of flags... More >>
Pieces of Ate Pieces of Ate
Putting together the missing pieces at Scottsdale’s Mosaic
, September 27, 2001
Like the art style for which it's named, Mosaic restaurant is a complicated creation, composed of many tiny details to form an elaborate whole.... More >>
Starch Reality Starch Reality
Life is too sweet at My Florist Cafe, just right at Paisley Violin
, September 20, 2001
My Florist Cafe Man does not live by bread alone. He also needs some sugar. At least that seems to be the thinking behind the folks at My... More >>
Up, Up and Olé Up, Up and Olé
Gecko Grill succeeds with gringo-friendly Mexican fare and American barbecue
, September 13, 2001
Gecko Grill doesn't simply do good old-fashioned Mexican food. Oh no. The restaurant offers a full American barbecue menu, too, serving baby back... More >>
You Go, Grill You Go, Grill
Thinking locally and dining globally at Gregory's World Bistro
, September 06, 2001
When Gregory's Grill opened in early 1997, it generated great excitement because of its bold approach to a new dining experience known as global... More >>
Kohnie's Island Kohnie's Island
They may be rough on their customers, but at Kohnie's, they know their food.
, August 30, 2001
In a world bloated with slickly marketed restaurants, it's refreshing to find a guy who's completely honest about his eats. Kohnie's cafe owner... More >>
Some of the Beach Some of the Beach
Scouring 16th Street for the tastes of seaside Sonora.
, August 23, 2001
Mariscos Playa Hermosa Phoenix's sister city in Mexico is Hermosillo, in the Sonoran region that's home to a variety of distinctive caldos... More >>
In the Niko's Time In the Niko's Time
There's atmosphere aplenty in Scottsdale eatery
, August 16, 2001
Niko's is an upbeat, upscale entree into the Valley's Greek dining scene. Expect glitz. Expect glamour. Expect high prices, high quality and high... More >>
Pasta la Vista Pasta la Vista
Inconsistency mars the latest incarnation of Rustico
, August 09, 2001
When Rustico first opened in 1998, the restaurant was under the direction of Maria Ranieri, chef-owner of the always excellent Maria's When in... More >>
'Cue 'Cue Train 'Cue 'Cue Train
Struttin' with some barbecue at Bennett's.
, August 02, 2001
All dressed up with no place to eat. That's the lament of so many would-be diners in the far west Valley. The rest of the Valley is hardly... More >>
Two Forks Up Two Forks Up
Dinner / movie house is a true double feature
, July 26, 2001
Now this is the way to do dinner and a movie.No standing in line. No $7.50 ticket. No $3.75 soft drink. No $5 sack of stale popcorn. No $20 for... More >>
Alice in Cafeland Alice in Cafeland
Savoring summer's little secrets at Scottsdale's Cafe Ted
, July 19, 2001
It's hot. And sticky. It's the time of year where the only appealing recreation is to curl up in a ball in a dark corner and mutter about how... More >>
Hangover and Out Hangover and Out
As odd as it sounds, Mickey's food isn't trailer park enough
, July 12, 2001
Never underestimate the public's love of trash. We've all seen the styles -- '70s disco wear, jeans that aren't acid-washed but simply unwashed,... More >>
Asia Aquarius Asia Aquarius
One sushi, two sushi, great sushi, boo sushi
, July 05, 2001
Sushi Brokers Pity the poor sushi. The once classic combination of pristine fish, vegetables and vinegared rice has been mainstreamed. As the... More >>
War-Winning Cuisine War-Winning Cuisine
Peruanitos serves up South American cuisine like llama used to make
, June 28, 2001
I think I know why American cuisine is often so boring. We've never been overthrown by a hostile nation. With such a homogenous pool of settlers,... More >>
Calendar Grill Calendar Grill
You can't blame Seasons for wondering when its time -- and the customers -- will come.
, June 21, 2001
Our waiter at Seasons is wondering with us where the crowds are. It's 8 o'clock on a Friday night, and the spacious dining room is speckled with... More >>
Bar Trek Bar Trek
Plot a course for a nip and a nosh
, June 14, 2001
Bar dining isn't anything new. Since the dawn of professional sports and big-screen TVs, patrons have been swarming bars, seeking a tall cold... More >>
Deja View Deja View
What's different about Different Pointe of View?
, June 07, 2001
What do the well-heeled and hungry want? Great food? To dine at Different Pointe of View, arguably the Valley's most expensive restaurant, you'd... More >>
Moi and Spa Kettle Moi and Spa Kettle
Chic spa cuisinery serves up Elements of style
, May 31, 2001
It's the end of an era, with the closing of the historic John Gardiner's Tennis Ranch. It's a new dawn for Valley hospitality, with the unveiling... More >>
BOBilicious! BOBilicious!
There's BOB hope for hungry and thirsty Diamondback fans
, May 24, 2001
It's late May, and there are 52 home games remaining in the Arizona Diamondbacks season at Bank One Ballpark. That's a lot of baseball. That's... More >>
Innard Sanctum Innard Sanctum
Soul food is wholly satisfying
, May 17, 2001
Michael & Christi's Heavenly Soul Food Soul food is so simple, it's easy to overlook as a cuisine in its own right. Yet embracing good old... More >>
Unsung Heroes, Pasta and Pizza Unsung Heroes, Pasta and Pizza
Small wonders greet adventurous diners in Tempe.
, May 10, 2001
Crisdee's Chef Razz Kamnitzer grumbles that chain restaurants use glittery marketing instead of good food to lure customers in the door. What... More >>
Vittle League Vittle League
Coach & Willie's isn't in the ballpark
, May 03, 2001
The headlines scream that the Diamondbacks aren't making money. Attendance is down, and the baseball team is struggling. All eyes are on Jerry... More >>
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