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Alice in Cafeland Alice in Cafeland
Savoring summer's little secrets at Scottsdale's Cafe Ted
, July 19, 2001
It's hot. And sticky. It's the time of year where the only appealing recreation is to curl up in a ball in a dark corner and mutter about how... More >>
Hangover and Out Hangover and Out
As odd as it sounds, Mickey's food isn't trailer park enough
, July 12, 2001
Never underestimate the public's love of trash. We've all seen the styles -- '70s disco wear, jeans that aren't acid-washed but simply unwashed,... More >>
Asia Aquarius Asia Aquarius
One sushi, two sushi, great sushi, boo sushi
, July 05, 2001
Sushi Brokers Pity the poor sushi. The once classic combination of pristine fish, vegetables and vinegared rice has been mainstreamed. As the... More >>
War-Winning Cuisine War-Winning Cuisine
Peruanitos serves up South American cuisine like llama used to make
, June 28, 2001
I think I know why American cuisine is often so boring. We've never been overthrown by a hostile nation. With such a homogenous pool of settlers,... More >>
Calendar Grill Calendar Grill
You can't blame Seasons for wondering when its time -- and the customers -- will come.
, June 21, 2001
Our waiter at Seasons is wondering with us where the crowds are. It's 8 o'clock on a Friday night, and the spacious dining room is speckled with... More >>
Bar Trek Bar Trek
Plot a course for a nip and a nosh
, June 14, 2001
Bar dining isn't anything new. Since the dawn of professional sports and big-screen TVs, patrons have been swarming bars, seeking a tall cold... More >>
Deja View Deja View
What's different about Different Pointe of View?
, June 07, 2001
What do the well-heeled and hungry want? Great food? To dine at Different Pointe of View, arguably the Valley's most expensive restaurant, you'd... More >>
Moi and Spa Kettle Moi and Spa Kettle
Chic spa cuisinery serves up Elements of style
, May 31, 2001
It's the end of an era, with the closing of the historic John Gardiner's Tennis Ranch. It's a new dawn for Valley hospitality, with the unveiling... More >>
BOBilicious! BOBilicious!
There's BOB hope for hungry and thirsty Diamondback fans
, May 24, 2001
It's late May, and there are 52 home games remaining in the Arizona Diamondbacks season at Bank One Ballpark. That's a lot of baseball. That's... More >>
Innard Sanctum Innard Sanctum
Soul food is wholly satisfying
, May 17, 2001
Michael & Christi's Heavenly Soul Food Soul food is so simple, it's easy to overlook as a cuisine in its own right. Yet embracing good old... More >>
Unsung Heroes, Pasta and Pizza Unsung Heroes, Pasta and Pizza
Small wonders greet adventurous diners in Tempe.
, May 10, 2001
Crisdee's Chef Razz Kamnitzer grumbles that chain restaurants use glittery marketing instead of good food to lure customers in the door. What... More >>
Vittle League Vittle League
Coach & Willie's isn't in the ballpark
, May 03, 2001
The headlines scream that the Diamondbacks aren't making money. Attendance is down, and the baseball team is struggling. All eyes are on Jerry... More >>
I'll Fake Manhattan I'll Fake Manhattan
Scottsdale meets the Big Apple in a deli that is neither here nor there, but a nosh in-between
, April 19, 2001
There's something in the water, people say -- that special fluid that flows from New York City's municipal taps. The crystal liquid is so revered... More >>
Salvador Deli Salvador Deli
A trip to Mex-Sal North is an adventure in dining for those who seek the cuisine of El Salvador
, April 12, 2001
War. What is it good for? For Americans, at least, strife in other countries can lead to greater dining variety. As immigrants land on our... More >>
Four Ever Young Four Ever Young
Vive la France! Bistros bring fine, fast fare to the Valley
, April 05, 2001
Au Petit Four It was her diet that did it. Not many people would dare consume such a steady stream of ultra-rich foods like chicken pâté, roast... More >>
Foie's in the 'hood Foie's in the 'hood
Arcadian bacon awaits diners at new east Phoenix neighborhood find
, March 29, 2001
Michael Hoobler has to be thrilled. The star chef, now running the kitchen of Phoenix's new Restaurant Arcadia, has successfully escaped the... More >>
Jamaican Whoopie Jamaican Whoopie
Take a vacation to Callaloo
, March 22, 2001
Last May, the National Restaurant Association asked Americans which ethnic cuisines they preferred. Not surprisingly, Italian, Mexican, Japanese,... More >>
Aqua Lunge Aqua Lunge
Café Blue a marriage of gorgeous setting, excellent food
, March 15, 2001
It's a drizzly winter evening, the kind that often brings on melancholy.But not for us. Tonight, we're lounging like emperors at Café Blue,... More >>
Pastrami Dearest Pastrami Dearest
Delis serve up fast, cheap and filling fare
, March 08, 2001
Miracle Mile Deli When Jack Grodzinsky died in September 1998 at the age of 78, more than 650 people attended his funeral. It was a touching... More >>
Stuffing Shockers Stuffing Shockers
Gutsy Mexican food in the Valley
, March 01, 2001
I'm going to go out on a limb and say this: Cheating is good for us. When it comes to primal urges, human beings aren't designed to be... More >>
International Food Bizarre International Food Bizarre
Barcelona a baffling experience
, February 22, 2001
Local businessman Danny Hendon found his success in soapsuds, as owner of the 13 Danny's Family Carousel Carwashes across the Valley. Now, the... More >>
French Tickler French Tickler
Sophie's is the new choice for French in Phoenix
, February 15, 2001
The Valley is home to a wide range of exotic cuisines, with everything from Ethiopian to Afghan and Pakistani restaurants at the ready to feed... More >>
Slot Luck Slot Luck
Diners luck out with Casino Arizona's new upscale Cholla restaurant
, February 08, 2001
Lady Luck has opened a kitchen just east of Scottsdale. The new Casino Arizona on the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community is home to... More >>
More Restaurants Inside Casino Arizona
Eagle's Nest & Salt River Cafe
, February 08, 2001
What would a casino experience be without that must-have, the all-you-can-eat buffet? This isn't typical food in trough, however -- Casino... More >>
Jan Session Jan Session
You don't have to be traveling to eat at D'Atri's
, February 01, 2001
Who goes to an airport to eat unless they have to? Apparently, more people than we realize. There's a national trend brewing of airports... More >>
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