Great, gobble-y goodness.
Great, gobble-y goodness.

Roasted Turkey and Stuffing Sandwich: Like Thanksgiving Between Two Slices of Bread

As holidays go, I love Thanksgiving. There are no gifts, no decorations, and unlike those Sunday holidays (thank you not, Easter), I get a day off from work.

And like a lot of folks, I enjoy Thanksgiving food. So much, in fact, I find it a shame that it only happens once a year.

And then I found this sandwich.

From Urban Picnic, the cheery sandwich shop in downtown Mesa, the roasted turkey and stuffing sandwich ($7.50) is a popular favorite worth the local buzz.

A massive pile of chunky, housemade sausage stuffing was reason enough to celebrate this sandwich. But when the stuffing sits atop a stack of flavorful oven-roasted turkey breast on toasted country white bread with just the right amount of mayo -- well, then it became truly something to be thankful for.

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