Rojo is a No-Go at Biltmore Fashion Park

Something's missing here . . .
Something's missing here . . .

This is a simple case of before and after. Here's the signage at Biltmore Fashion Park for the restaurant space that was slated to become Rojo Mexican Grill, the second location of a Mexican joint that opened last August in Minneapolis. Three months ago, it looked like this:

Rojo is a No-Go at Biltmore Fashion Park

It turns out, Michael McDermott and Jason Merritt (who were founders of Kona Grill) are still planning to open a Mexican concept with 85 to 100 different varieties of tequila, but they haven't settled on a name. The opening has been pushed back to late spring or early summer.

Check back with Chow Bella for more details as things progress.

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