Remember this?
Remember this?

Sake Snow Cones: Nostalgia + Alcohol = Awesomeness

Remember those fruity blue and red Sno-Cones you had as a kid? You know, the ones that were served at family carnivals -- or the faux ones you made at home in a little Snoopy dog house? Those babies are all grown up now.

Sushi Roku in Scottsdale is whipping up sake-infused snow cones for the kid in all of us. The flavors are a little more adult than kiddie faves like bubble gum or grape: Look for green tea, strawberry, ginger sake, pomegranate and watermelon.

The snow cones come as part of the restaurant's summer specials, which also include a three-course "Locals Only" menu for $25 per person and $16 sea bass, halibut and red snapper "Kōri" sashimi specials served over shaved ice (sadly, there's no sake in this frozen treat).

ake snow cones are available for $5 each now through September 5 at Sushi Roku.

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