Sam Fox to Take Over Oakville Grocery at CityScape

Sam Fox to Take Over Oakville Grocery at CityScape
Bye Bye Oakville Grocery
CityScape announced today that restaurant mogul Sam Fox will be adding a new gourmet market to his roster -- and it just so happens to be in the exact same spot as CityScape's recently opened Oakville Grocery

Sam Fox, of Fox Restaurant Concepts, and Ashley Young, owner of Chloe's Corner at Kierland Commons in Scottsdale, will be taking over the space and turning it to a second Chloe's Corner location in the next couple weeks. 

Gee, that was quick.

Sadly, we're not exactly shocked that this is going down. As pretty as Oakville is, we had our doubts that the shop would be able to stay afloat long. Hard to imagine the downtown lunch crowd alone could make that happen.  

And although we would rather see Oakville stay, we're pretty sure turning it into a Sam Fox venture is the best way to actually keep a gourmet market downtown. 

Oakville will be up and running until the transformation is complete. 

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