Heidi Lee
Heidi Lee

Saturday: Laudig Heads Into the Soup

After a couple of guest spots on Into the Soup, host Heidi Lee's fun, food-centric Saturday afternoon radio show, I'm going to start making regular appearances a couple times a month.

Lee and I get along so darn well that apparently she'sforgiven me for accidentally saying "shit" when I was on-air last month. I blurted it out so nonchalantly that the sound guy missed it and didn't bleep me out. Whoops!

So, I promise to tone down my colorful vocabulary and share some good local restaurant dish.

Tomorrow's segment will also feature guest spots by chef Justin Beckett, who's working on opening Beckett's Table in Arcadia, and blogger/foodnik/marketing multitasker Ty Largo from Up Agency.

Tune into KFNX, AM 1100, from 2 to 3 p.m. Saturdays, listen to the online stream, or check out the weekly podcast that's available on Sundays.


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