Scottsdale's Citizen Public House Scouting Locations for New Restaurant
Jackie Mercandetti

Scottsdale's Citizen Public House Scouting Locations for New Restaurant

Since it opened its doors in January 2011, Citizen Public House, the stylish yet easygoing restaurant in Old Town Scottsdale, has quickly established itself as one of the Valley's top places to drink and dine.

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And given its almost instant success, Citizen's owners, former Cowboy Ciao alumni chef Bernie Kantak, Andrew Fritz, and mixologist Richie Moe, are no doubt pondering their next move.

And my sources say it's a new concept in a new location.

When asked about the possible new Citizen Public House project, the restaurant's PR spokesperson had this to say:

"With the explosive success of the original restaurant, the gang at Citizen Public House is passively looking at options for new concepts over the next two years, exploring areas all over the Valley. We know that our good Citizens are patient!"

One of Citizen's possible locations, a source tells me, is the Biltmore area. Citizen's PR spokesperson would neither confirm nor deny that neighborhood as a likely candidate for the new concept.

Stay tuned for details.

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