SHWEET!: Froggy Cake at Chompie's

By Steve Jansen

SHWEET!: Froggy Cake at Chompie's

I wasn't too concerned with how the man behind the bakery counter at the Paradise Valley Mall Chompie's would think of me for ordering a "Froggy Cake." But I did brace myself to get made fun of.

Instead, my girlfriend, who stood behind me, took all of the man's clowning.

"This is for you, isn't it?" The full-blooded Irish man with red hair looked at her and waited for a response. She just laughed and didn't say anything. "C'mon, it's okay to admit that you want this."


In the end, I won in a few ways. For one, I, a grown man, didn't get called out for ordering this silly-looking item. And two, I, a grown man, ate most of the little kid-friendly, strawberry Froggy Cake, which was actually pretty freaking good.

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