SHWEET!: La Tazzina Leccabaffi at Voce’

By Steve Jansen

SHWEET!: La Tazzina Leccabaffi at Voce’

Guess which one costs more?

On a recent weekend night, I was hanging at Vocé Ristoranté, listening to the laid-back sounds of Khani Cole, when I was struck by a serious jones for a dessert. My $11 glass of organic Shiraz, though good, just wasn’t cutting it.

SHWEET!: La Tazzina Leccabaffi at Voce’

He’s nicer than he looks here. Promise.

The lounge menu was full of awesome desserts, but none more enticing than the La Tazzina Leccabaffi, an $8.50 chocolate mousse fused with espresso cream (and served by the bartender in the above photo). I don’t remember the last time I ate a mousse-like treat – if I’m going to eat chocolate-based desserts, I usually go for more overbearingly chocolate sweets – but the one at Vocé was super good. It was fluffy, supple, and sweet enough to keep me happy.

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