Six Favorite Places to Take Cooking Classes in Metro Phoenix

Learn to cook a spread like this at The Dhaba Cooking School.
Learn to cook a spread like this at The Dhaba Cooking School.
Courtesy of The Dhaba

There comes a time in everyone's life when they have to learn to cook more than scrambled eggs and frozen pizzas. For those of us who grew up in homes that relied on take-out and frozen foods, this can be a particularly hard transition. But fret not, there are plenty of places where you too can learn the art of top-notch cooking. Or at least the skills necessary to avoid an unforgivably embarrassing date night. Check out six places in Phoenix where you can learn to cook a passable meal (well, technically five, but all good cooking requires good alcohol).

Sweet Basil

Sweet Basil Cooking School in Scottsdale offers classes in just about everything -- from cake decorating to gourmet cooking for couples.

"Anything we do with grilling is always popular," says owner Martie Sullivan. And now that it's finally fall, grilling classes are going again.

Every Friday, Sweet Basil also has it's "gourmet couples" classes where you learn to cook together (without killing each other). The class features a 3-course meal (that you prepare) served with wine.

There's also a 12-week Essence of Cooking class where novices can learn all the basics of family cooking.

The Dhaba

For those of you who want to learn the art of cooking authentic Indian food, The Dhaba cooking school is a good bet. Cuisine Directors Pallavi Lal and Taz Doolittle run the school and both have several years of experience cooking world cuisine -- not just Indian food.

The Dhaba cooking school offers five-session "culinary journeys" and single session "culinary showcases" on specific cooking techniques. The five-session classes teach students how to prepare a complete Indian meal, from appetizers to vegetarian plates and meat dishes. You even learn how to make a traditional Indian dessert.

Sur La Table

Sur La Table may in fact have more cooking classes than any one person could feasible take. But one class being offered this month that stood out was the "better with bacon" class. Learn to cook all sorts of stuff with what may be the perfect meat. Oh, it can go so much further than as a side with scrambled eggs.

Other classes being offered this month include how to make gnocchi, and an introduction to Szechuan cooking.

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