Spotted Donkey Cantina Concocts "The Cauldron" for Halloween

Spotted Donkey Cantina Concocts "The Cauldron" for Halloween

Not to be outdone by "The Undead" and "Brain Dead," two Halloween hooches offered up by Hula's Modern Tiki in Central Phoenix, the Spotted Donkey Cantina at el Pedregal, the North Scottsdale spot of Southwest-Mexican cuisine, has created a scary cocktail of their own, and they're calling it, "The Cauldron."

Featuring ingredients like 3 Olives Purple Vodka, a cranberry/lime globule, a dry ice chip for the "smoke", and, oh yeah, a gummy worm or two, The Cauldron is available at the Spotted Doneky at el Pedregal now through Halloween.

Or, if you want to make one for your own spooky soiree, get the recipe after the jump.

The Cauldron

Ingredients: 3oz of 3 Olives Purple Vodka 1 oz Soda Water Cranberry/Lime Globule Dry Ice Chip 1 Gummy Worm

Preparation: Mix vodka, soda water, cranberry/lime globule in a martini shaker. Shake vigorously and serve up in a martini glass. Add dry ice chip to bottom of cocktail for smoky affect. Garnish with gummy worm.

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