Stocking Stuffers: Salt Water Taffy at Sunflower Market

A couple of weeks ago, we happened upon an unusual find at our local Sunflower Market on Southern and McClintock Rd. in Tempe. Plopped in their bulk section, right where we discovered the most amazing chocolate-covered dried cherries on a previous excursion, is a Sweet's salt water taffy island.

Ahhh... sweet, sweet nostalgia.
Ahhh... sweet, sweet nostalgia.
While that wouldn't exactly make headlines if we were living in San Diego or on the Jersey shore, it's pretty rare to find by-the-piece salt water taffy in Phoenix. Sunflower has the usual suspects -- grape, chocolate, cotton candy -- plus a few more creative offerings such as key lime and rum.  

Stocking Stuffers: Salt Water Taffy at Sunflower Market

Hurry, before this taffy boat sails away.

​At $2.99 a pound, they're a steal. We scored a bag of the stuff on a trip to Florida last month and prices there ranged from about eight bucks a pound to nearly twelve. If you know anyone who grew up on the coast, you'll definitely earn brownie (or taffy?) points if you stick a few handfuls in their holiday stocking.

Be sure to stop by Sunflower soon, since the little taffy boat will likely be replaced by chocolate oranges and holiday M&M's any day now. 



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