Super Giant Prawn Found; It Doesn't Look As Tasty as It Sounds

You're welcome. I knew you couldn't live without seeing this super giant prawn for yourself.

Last week, scientists on a deep sea research mission off the coast of New Zealand came across something huge -- a super giant amphipod, aka a MASSIVE prawn.

The scientists found seven of these unrealistic looking creatures about 4.3 miles under the sea. The biggest one of the group was more than 11 inches long. That's about 10 times bigger then the average store-bought prawn.

Unless you live near a fish market that happens to carry Asian Tiger Prawns...

Super Giant Prawn Found; It Doesn't Look As Tasty as It Sounds

These disease-carrying crustaceans on steroids can grow up to 13 inches long and have the ability to knock out entire schools of tasty normal-sized shrimps. And from what we've heard, they don't even taste good.

See, sometimes bigger isn't always better (unless it involves King Crab legs or bowls of macaroni and cheese, then bigger is always better).

Wanna know more about the deep sea giants? Check out for the full story.

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