Susie Timm's Perfect Food Day

Susie Timm's Perfect Food Day
Susie Timm

Susie Timm

​Susie Timm is an ASU grad who started as a banker and then switched gears completely by co-founding Foodies Like Us. She currently blogs over at Girl Meets Fork about all things food.

Timm says she's an incredibly adventurous eater -- from sushi to steak and everything in between. She enjoys white table cloth fine dining and dusty picnic table meals equally. She loves eating in Chicago and NYC as well as Minneapolis and Maui.

Here's her perfect food day.

Turkey and Egg white omelette with extra salsa and hot brown mustard at La Grande Orange. Honey Latte. Great people watching.

Susie Timm's Perfect Food Day

Brisket sandwich with slaw and fries at Bryan's BBQ in Cave Creek.

Susie Timm's Perfect Food Day

Some sort of magical dinner goodness by Charleen Badman at FnB to include seasonal veggies and pasta. And of course, butterscotch pudding and a glass or two of an Arizona Rose.

Susie Timm's Perfect Food Day

Between meal snacks:
Yogurtology, more coffee, macaron from Essence Bakery, more coffee.

Susie Timm's Perfect Food Day

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