Tacos Atoyac: Street-Style Oaxacan Eats
Jackie Mercandetti

Tacos Atoyac: Street-Style Oaxacan Eats

The abundance of Sonoran-style Mexican food in the Valley is so great, it's almost taken for granted. On the other hand, Oaxacan food, from the state of Oaxaca in southwestern Mexico, is something you have to look a little harder for.

And for those looking for Oaxacan eats, served up street-style, fast and flavorful, and at prices that could easily lead to a habit of eating there, they would be wise to pay a visit to Tacos Atoyac on the city's west side.

Here's an excerpt from my review this week:

"There are several places in the Valley to try fish tacos, but when it comes to tacos de pescado, purists who may lament their lack of flavor or abundance of breading will not be referring to Maldonado's creation. Eight years in the making, his may be the best in town, with lightly battered fish, a tangy guacamole salsa, and crispy lettuce atop a flour tortilla. And at $1.50 apiece, it's easy to double or triple the order."

Got a taste for more? Read the rest of the review here.

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