Ten Favorite Cold (and Frozen!) Phoenix Foods

Mary Coyle banana split
Mary Coyle banana split
Katie Johnson

Yeah, yeah, it's hot outside, but we're not complaining. We're putting on our rose-colored glasses and looking at the brighter side of summer: eating as much ice cream as we want.

Okay, maybe we can't (or shouldn't) eat ice cream everyday, but we can try to cool off this summer with cold and delicious foods from around town. Wanna know what our favorites are? Here are 10 ways we cool off, in a culinary way. (Warning -- food porn ahead!)

10. Every Flavor from Paletas Betty -- Better than your average popsicle, these handmade gourmet cold treats made from fresh seasonal fruit and hand-ground spices are a must for the summer months. We're partial to the exotic flavors of the Sandia with icy watermelon and earthy basil and the creamy chocolate with a slight spicy kick, but you really can't go wrong with any of the cool flavors.

9. The Standard Banana Split from Mary Coyle -- One ripe banana, three scoops of housemade ice cream covered with pineapple, fudge, and strawberries, a mountain of whipped cream, chopped nuts, all topped off with the essential cherry equals the perfect summer throwback treat. Mary Coyle's has been a Phoenix ice cream institution since 1951 and when we're looking to cool down with a giant bowl of ol' fashion ice cream, this is our go-to spot.

8. The Caribbean Salad from Pita Jungle -- This is not your mama's fruit salad. It's more like a fruit salad on steroids. Pita Jungle piles up big chunks of pineapple, watermelon, strawberries, bananas, grapes, and whatever fruit may be in season and finishes the colorful mix off with a dusting of shredded coconut and a light and tangy strawberry vinaigrette. This pretty salad is giant, so bring a friend to help you enjoy the cool fruit flavors.

7. Shochu Cocktails from Roka Akor -- Yes, Roka Akor makes some of the best sushi in the United States, but it also makes a mean shochu-infusion cocktail. The Japanese spirit is made from a variety of starches, has a low alcohol percentage, and an almost odd grainy taste. The upscale Scottsdale restaurant infuses its shochu with the exotic flavors of honeycomb, pineapple, and Fuji apples and then serves it over ice that has been hand-chipped from the beautifully clear block of frozen water that sits on the bar. It's one of the most memorable cocktail experiences in the Valley and can turn a 115-degree day into a great one.

See more photos of our Ten Favorite Cold (and Frozen!) Phoenix Foods.

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