Ten Favorite First Date Restaurants

Cibo's Patio = Perfect First Date Spot
Cibo's Patio = Perfect First Date Spot
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So you convinced that special someone -- or maybe that special someone that you've never actually met but you have a really strong connection with via instant messenger -- to actually go out to dinner with you. Where are going to take them? Chili's? Applebee's? or even worse -- McDonald's? Okay, we don't actually think that you will commit first date suicide by treating your date to the Big Mac meal deal but just in case we put together this handy list of our favorite first date restaurant picks.

10. Coup des Tartes - This tiny BYOB French Bistro off 16th Street and Camelback is the perfect setting for a first date that has a 98 percent chance of going somewhere. For example - you met the girl/boy at a party and super connected and talked till the wee hours of the morning. In other words, this place may not be the best idea for a first internet date, since it's a bit on the pricey side.  But you'll totally impress that lucky lady (or dude)  by first off knowing this place exists, second by showing up with a carefully selected bottle of wine (it's BYOB only), and third by making reservations in advance (really, don't show up without them). And if all those things don't work in your favor, at least your date will be impressed with the food. We suggest the Three Onion Tart and the Moroccan style Lamb Shank.

9. Barrio Queen - Want to take your date to a nice Scottsdale restaurant without breaking the bank? Barrio Queen is the perfect spot. Not only is the Queen Scottsdale's most talked about new restaurant,  the atmosphere is chill, the artwork is interesting, the menu is huge and perfect for sharing, and the margaritas will surely take the edge off things. You can't go wrong with the nopal tacos, the tostatidos, or the guacamole. Our advice: try everything, even if it sounds weird. Sometimes bizarre food makes for the best conversations.

Ten Favorite First Date Restaurants

8. Rokerij - Dragging your date into the depths of a dark basement is normally frowned upon but it's totally cool if it's the basement of the Rokerji - especially during the sweltering summer months.  Delicious cocktails, savory roasted elephant garlic, amazing chili rellenos, and a tasty selection of small plates all await you and your date in the dimly lit basement - and there's a T.V. just in case a certain someone starts droning on about their most recent ex. If hanging out in a basement with a stranger sounds a bit scary, hightail it upstairs to the brighter but still awesome upstairs restaurant.

7. FnB - Atmosphere, great food, fantastic wines - everything you need to make a great first impression. FnB manages to pull off classy, laid back and fun all at the same time. Impress you date with your knowledge of fancy ingredients by checking out the menu ahead of time and looking up all the things you don't know, like Chanterelles (delicious mushrooms), socca (it's a chickpea crepe), or urfa (a type of pepper from Turkey) and terms like "en papillote" (how the French say "in parchment).  When you go, be sure to sit at the bar for optimum food porn viewing.

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