Ten Favorite Phoenix Meat Shops

Mmmm -- delicious homemade Stanley's sausages.
Mmmm -- delicious homemade Stanley's sausages.

These days, most of us have never experienced (or have forgotten) the joy of going to a real live butcher or the intoxicating fragrance of fresh smoked meat or even the taste of imported cheese straight off the wheel.

Most of us just hit the grocery store and pick up whatever's in the neatly wrapped packages and probably on sale.

Well, it's time to pay a visit to the mom & pop meat and cheese shops and Phoenix has ten favorites that are run by real people who hand select their meats and cheese or make their own sausages by hand at their stores.

Check out our list.

Ten Favorite Phoenix Meat Shops

German Sausage Company -- The only one of its kind in Phoenix, this authentic German sausage shop has been handmaking high quality German sausages since 1982. Here you can find everything from traditional bratwurst and Black Forest smoked ham to more exotic meats like Hausmacher Blutwurst -- an old fashioned farmer style blood sausage and Presswurst or headcheese. The shop also sells a variety of German mustard, beer, and sauerkraut to keep your meat company.

Ten Favorite Phoenix Meat Shops

Butcher Bob's -- All the way out on the border of Surprise sits one of metro Phoenix's best old school butcher shops. Butcher Bob's offers a huge variety of high quality meats and, since it's an actual butcher shop, they can provide you with hard-to-find cuts with 24 hours notice. The butcher shop also makes a mean hamburger with bits of bacon and they carry a huge selection of smoked sausages perfect for your next party.

Ten Favorite Phoenix Meat Shops

Von Hanson's Meats & Spirits -- Pay a visit to this giant East Valley meat shop and we promise you will leave one happy carnivore. Chicken bacon swiss brats, blue cheese ground beef, BBQ chicken breasts, housemade applewood bacon, fresh center cut pork chops, plenty of classic cut steaks and even homemade jerky are all waiting for you. Once you've made your meat selection, pick up a six pack of craft beer or an old school soda, a couple sides of gourmet cheese, and even a cheesecake from their dessert case and you'll have yourself a killer meal!

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