Ten Favorite Phoenix Sangria Spots

Ten Favorite Phoenix Sangria Spots

Move over Margarita, your Spanish 3rd cousin, Sangria is popping up on menus all over town.

The refreshing summertime concoction of red (or white) wine and boozy fruit layered over ice has become a menu staple for Valley restaurants. Here are 10 of our very favorites.

10. Sangria Blanco, La Bocca -- As one of the few sophicticated eating and drinking joints left on Mill Avenue, La Bocca's classy upscale pizza and wine bar isn't slacking on their take on white sangria. Like most of the restaurant on our list, the La Bocca bartenders wouldn't clue us in on the ingredients but can we tell you that the glasses of crisp white wine are filled with sweet fresh booze-soaked fruit and a touch of spice. This sangria is so good, we'll even battle the Mill Avenue scene for a Friday night glass.

Ten Favorite Phoenix Sangria Spots

9. La Sangria, Gallo Blanco -- Hipster hangout Gallo Blanco at the uber cool Clarendon Hotel has a happy hour menu that can put some of the best Phoenix restaurants to shame -- mainly because their outstanding white sangria is just $5 a glass. White wine is accompanied by fresh chunks of orange, mango, and tasty secret ingredients. The fruity cocktail is surprisingly balanced with just the right amount of sweetness. Watch out -- this is one of the strongest of the sangrias listed here. The booze sneaks up on you without warning and will have you on your ass before you can say "pool party."

8. Herb Box Sangria, The Herb Box -- Just a stone's throw away from the best high-end shopping in town, The Herb Box at Scottsdale's South Bridge serves up everything from organic salads to exotic twists on baby back ribs and tender lamb t-bones but we cant help but love them for their "Drinx" menu. Especially the lovely beverage at the bottom which is simply call Herb Box Sangria. Red wine with a healthy dose of peach schnapps, apricot brandy, fresh oj, a dash of cinnamon, a splash of fizzy 7-Up and a fruity garnish make this our go-to drink when we're in the area.

Ten Favorite Phoenix Sangria Spots

7. Whiskey Sangria, Carly's Bistro -- Whiskey and wine sounds like a hangover waiting to happen but we'll risk it for this tasty beverage. Carly's combines surly whiskey with red wine, raspberry liquor, Orangina, and a splash of Sprite in their non-traditional version of sangria. Top it off with a cute little upside down cherry and you have yourself quite a cocktail!

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