Ten Favorite Spots for Guacamole in Metro Phoenix

Ten Favorite Spots for Guacamole in Metro Phoenix

If it wasn't for our favorite Mexican dip, tortilla chips would be super lonely, chimichangas would suffer, and nachos would be sad piles of melty cheese.

Thankfully, that's not the case and we have plenty of restaurants in town serving up big bowls of the sought after green stuff. Here's a list of our ten favorite places to score guacamole.

Gallo Guacamole from HIllside Spot and Gallo Blanco -- Chef Doug Robson and staff really know how to mash an avocado at Ahwatukee's Hillside Spot and Phoenix's trendy Gallo Blanco. The ripe fruit is smashed together with a variety of spices, mandarin oranges, and crumbles of cotija cheese. Scoop it up with their house made tortilla chips and wash it down with a frosty beverage at either one of these Valley hot spots.

. Guacamole from Mucho Gusto -- If you're looking for a healthy dose of chunky green guac, stop by the relaxing patio of Tempe's Mucho Gusto. Big chunks of fresh avocado and mixed with tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and cotija cheese and then topped with a generous dose of Grand Marnier jalapeno syrup. The mixture is more sweet than spicy but totally delicious. Ask for it "hot" if you're craving more heat and don't forget to wash it down with one of Mucho's super strong house margaritas.

Ten Favorite Spots for Guacamole in Metro Phoenix

Traditional Guacamole with Crab from Distrito -- The vibrant restaurant inside the stylish Saguaro Hotel in Scottsdale may still have a few kinks to work out but their Traditional Guacamole is perfect just the way it is. Ripe mashed avocados are fork mashed with just the right amount of cilantro, serrano peppers for a nice slow burn, a splash of lime and meaty crab. With or without the crab, the giant bowl of avocado mash is enough to feed you and at least three of your friends so make sure you bring your appetite!

Ten Favorite Spots for Guacamole in Metro Phoenix

Guacamole & Salsa Trio at Asi Es La Vida -- Don't let the bright purple exterior of this quaint family owned Mexican restaurant scare you off --the interior is dark and cozy, perfect for escaping the heat for lunch or impressing a first date. Right off the bat, your server will ask if you want guacamole and you're going to want to say yes. The simple guacamole is served with three spicy housemade salsas and crispy chips. The creamy avocado is barely seasoned to let the true flavor of the green fruit shine through and the spicy salsas add the perfect level of heat to the green dip. Follow up this easy appetizer with a bowl of their Crema de Cilantro for a real culinary treat.

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