The 5 Saddest Restaurant/Bakery Closings in Metro Phoenix in 2011


A toast to the local spots we lost in 2011.
A toast to the local spots we lost in 2011.
Erica O'Neil

Considering the bad economy continues to top the headlines, the restaurant industry in Phoenix fared pretty darn well in 2011. Some restaurant closings -- like the notoriously icky Eddie's Pizza in Tempe -- were, frankly, overdue. And sure, we lost a slew of Marie Callender's and Krispy Kremes, but that's not what got us teary -- instead it was a few longtime indie favorites that made that final sale and slipped into Phoenix food history.

5. Trader Vic's

For anyone who remembers the original Scottsdale outpost of this small chain, the Trader Vic's that popped up a few years ago at the renovated Valley Ho was just a (super-styled, over-priced, mediocre-menu-ed) shadow of its former self. But we'll admit to enjoying more than a few happy hours in the bar -- where the vintage drinks flowed and the pu-pu platters glowed.

Find out what other closures left us bummed out and hungry after the jump.

Simply Bread's formerly famous challah.
Simply Bread's formerly famous challah.

4. Simply Bread

This popular bakery's closure hit hard all over town, as restaurants scurried to place bread orders elsewhere. Many were simply devastated.

3. Local Breeze

Another downtown brunch fave went belly up a few weeks ago. We hope someone with deep pockets snags this airy old spot with so much indoor/outdoor potential.

2. Maui Dog

Chow Bella's got some serious Maui Dog addicts on staff, so news of this impending closure really hit our ranks hard.

1. Cathy's Rum Cakes

Long before TV reality shows devoted to baking, Cathy's was the cake boss in this town. We've been to many wedding receptions where the rum cake outshined the bride. Cathy's will be sorely missed.

Any 2011 closings got you particularly bummed out? Let us know in the comments section.

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