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the larder + the delta: Stephen Jones Renames Downtown Phoenix Restaurant

It's been about six months since chef Stephen Jones debuted yard bird + the larder, the Southern-inspired eatery inside downtown Phoenix's DeSoto Central Market. But as of this week, the restaurant's got a new name. It's out with the "yard bird" and in with "the delta." 

Jones' food counter, known for serving everything from Hoppin' John to a Chicago dog, is now called the larder + the delta.

The decision to change the name — not surprisingly — comes after a months-long legal battle with a similarly named restaurant located in Las Vegas

The "yard bird" part of the original name, Jones told us in April, was a reference to one of his favorite foods. "If I was dying, my last meal is a whole roasted chicken," Jones said, adding that "yard bird" is kitchen slang for chickens. The "larder" part, obviously referenced the long history of preservation and food storage of the South. 

As for the new name, "the delta" pays homage to the area that's an important agricultural provider in South. 

The restaurant is located inside DeSoto Central Market, which opened in downtown Phoenix earlier this year. Billed as a destination farmers market and food court, the large space has struggled to fill its tenant space but currently offers several dining spots, including the larder + the delta, The Walrus and The Pearl (a raw bar), DMC Burger Bar, Tea & Toast Co. (coffee and tea), Adobo Dragon, and RAD Salad and Juice. For more information, visit the DeSoto Central Market Facebook

You can now follow Jones' restaurant on the larder + the delta Facebook or on Instagram at @thelarderphx
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