Theresa Greco: What I Did on My Summer Vacation

Theresa Greco: What I Did on My Summer Vacation

Fall is officially in the air -- so since a couple more foodie summer vacation reports fell from the sky, we figured we'd share. Today: Theresa Greco, who "seeks out good food and wine and writes about it" at The Food Hunter's Guide.

Where I went: I traveled to South Dakota, stayed in a one room cabin nestled in the Black Hills National Forest; just steps away from a bubbling creek. I was hoping for a week of pure relaxation.....and found it.

What I saw: Green, green and more green. Rolling hills of green...coming from Phoenix that's a huge deal. Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse Monument and herds of wild buffalo, burros, chipmunks and deer.

Did the buffalo roam -- right into Greco's mouth? Find out after the jump.

What I ate:  A delicious farm fresh French-influenced meal at The Corn Exchange in Rapid City. Some amazing breakfast foods delivered to our cabin at Willow Springs each morning prepared by our gracious host. A delicious homemade tomato salad we put together with purple bell peppers, round yellow cucumbers and tiger tomatoes we found at the Rapid City Farmer's Market.

Best part of coming home:  Wifi....

Plans for the Fall:  Eat more...write more.

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