This Week's Tastiest Links!

• RIP: Murray Lender of Lender's Bagel's. - USA TODAY

• Cookbook ghostwriting (cookbook ghostwriting!) explained. Rachael Ray and Gwyneth Paltrow pissed. - The New York Times

• And then there was one. A single Valley nominee moves on as a James Beard Award finalist. - Chow Bella

• Balding? Get that damn candy bar out of your mouth. - Details

• Silver fox George Clooney has announced he'll launch his own tequila brand. Thanks for filling in, Sammy Hagar; you can go back to making shitty music now. - NY Daily News

• Do you tip on to-go orders? Valley chefs and restaurateurs say why you should -- and shouldn't. - Chow Bella

• Grilled cheese doughnuts. We're waiting, Valley restaurants. - Laughing Squid

• Who's got the best ideas for the Valley's culinary scene? See the finalists for New Times' Big Brain Awards here. - Chow Bella

• Shut up. Watch video. Make wine. - Shut Up and Make Wine

• Paranormal activity in aisle three. Security cameras in a grocery store in Australia capture a box of Fruit Roll-Ups being flung down the aisle by an unexplained force. - Adelaide Now

• Chocolate skulls + nuts for brains = like. - Etsy

• In case you were wondering, here's the ten funniest food hats. - The Village Voice

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