This Week's Tastiest Links!

• Things got sticky last weekend -- as in Caramelpalooza sticky. Here's who took home the ribbons. - Chow Bella

• My Drunk Diet is a great name for a book, plus the author is Lady Ga-Ga's ex-boyfriend. - New York Times

• Whoops! Paula Deen's in trouble again -- and this time, it's all in the family. - The Village Voice

• White Rabbit from SideBar? Yes, please, and these other five specialty cocktails in Phoenix. - Chow Bella

• Together at last -- beer and iced tea. - Laughing Squid

• The Oreo Turns 100 ( - Chow Bella) and hey, does anyone remember this commercial with the Manning brothers? - You Tube

• Got a kettle grill and want pizza? Here ya go. - Doobybrain

• Fake wine is everywhere, and not just in China. - Financial Times

• If you love baked potatoes, like, enough to buy a giant bean bag of one, you'll want this. (Extra pat of satin butter pillow, please.) - Etsy

• Let's stomp gummy bears and waste huge amounts of time! - Burrito Bison Revenge

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