Three Things to Eat, Drink, and Make this Weekend

Three Things to Eat, Drink, and Make this Weekend
Eat This: Dinner at That's A Wrap! -- After reading Laura's First Taste of That's A Wrap's new dinner offerings, I have been DYING to get over there to try out the new evening menu. I can't wait to get my hands on that beautiful soy-ginger flank steak or the twice-spiced pork tenderloin with cowboy beans and rice. I miss the little wrap shop's convenient downtown Phoenix location, but I'm happy to see that they have expanded past wraps. 
Drink This: The 1912 Centennial Cocktail at The Spotted Donkey at El Pedregal -- Very rarely will I go out of my way for a cocktail, but the 1912 Centennial Cocktail caught my eye. Herradura Double Barrel Tequila with fresh tangerine juice and a housemade celery-lavender syrup sounds pretty damn tasty. It's $15 -- a little steep for my bank account, but since it's Arizona's birthday weekend, I think I can splurge on one or two. Cheers! 

Make This: Sweetheart Cherry Hand Pies -- I think these sweetheart pies are absolutely adorable, and even though I haven't had much luck in the hand-pie department, practice makes perfect, so I'm going to give them another chance. Check back on Monday to see whether it was an epic fail or a success. 

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