Tofurky & Gravy Soda Makes for a Bizarre Thanksgiving

If you thought the turducken was a bad idea, just wait until you get a load of this.

Almost makes you want to start eating meat again, doesn't it?
Almost makes you want to start eating meat again, doesn't it?

Jones Soda Co., known for creating quirky and unusual drinks sweetened with real cane sugar, has introduced a new offering for 2009: Tofurky and Gravy soda. Yes, as if last year's Turkey and Gravy soda wasn't enough to make us want to hurl just reading the label, now our vegetarian friends can partake in a real Thanksgiving feast out of a bottle too. Yippee!

For $11.99, you can score a 6-pack of the 100% vegan pop, plus a collector's edition Cirque du Freak Turkey lunchbox and three samples of Jones' "Zilch" zero-calorie beverage in Pomegranate, Black Cherry and Vanilla flavors. This special offer is only available online, so you'll have to rush right over to the Jones Soda website and order yourself a Tofurky & Gravy gift pack soon if you want to impress (or disgust?) your friends and family this holiday. 

The only thing that sounds like a worse idea than Tofurky & Gravy soda is cooking your holiday bird in 30 seconds using pyrotechnic explosive powder. Of course, not everyone agrees. 

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