Top 10 Knitted Foods

Sweet Strawberries
Sweet Strawberries
Knit Strawberry Pattern by Pezdiva

What better way to show our love of food than to create it using yarn?

These knitted creations -- a hamburger, pizza, even shrimp -- may not taste like the real thing, but they're cool enough to drool over anyway. And our number one pick, from the Delectable series by artist Ed Bing Lee, is featured, along with four others, in the fall issue of Gastronomica.

Don't blame us if these have you wanting the real thing.

10.) Knitted Strawberries (Source)

9.) Knitted Black Forest Cake (Source)

Top 10 Knitted Foods
Photo by Flickr user freeform by Prudence.

8.) Knitted Barbecue (Source)

Top 10 Knitted Foods
Photo by Flickr user By hortensejones.

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