Top Five Candies Phoenix Natives Remember

I'm a Phoenix native. Which, they say, is rare. Even more unusual is that I actually love this place.

There are just a handful of us out there and while there are so many things that make us uniquely Phoenician (we don't talk to our neighbors and we shower 7-12 times a week) I'm going to focus some of our fond childhood memories of growing up in the Valley.

Namely, our candy.

Everyone likes candy. Everyone likes lists. And everyone likes to reminisce.

So if this blog doesn't get more hits than my last blog, I will force myself to look in the mirror and say, "You, Lilia Menconi, you are a failure. Your dead grandparents are even embarrassed."

Anyway, here are the top five candies and sweets that only a native Phoenician can truly appreciate.

5. Otter Pops

I'm sure these things existed in other states. But
not like they did here. I would say they didn't merely exist in Phoenix, they

Top Five Candies Phoenix Natives Remember

4. See's Candies

Now, these boxes of delicious bites of chocolate treats weren't strictly a
Phoenix thing. But, to this day, the stores are only in Western
states. I know it's shocking to think about a life without See's, I know. But their limited availability to other states is the reason Forrest
Gump had those disgusting, diarrhea-inducing Russell Stover's chocolates
in the movie. The rest of the U.S. (save for a handful of states
including AZ, CA and TX) doesn't know what the hell a Sees candy is.
Which is something we should be thankful for. Because if those East
Coasters and Southerners did know, they'd be even bigger fatsos than
they already are.

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