Top Five Food Spreads in Cinema History

Top Five Food Spreads in Cinema History

We've all experienced it: you're sitting in a dark movie theater and the seats, walls and sounds of other peoples' muffled farts melt away because you're so enraptured with the story. And, inevitably, as you're knee deep in this fictional film world, you'll experience some savory scenes of sumptuous food spreads that make your tongue swell, your nostrils flare and your belly yearn.

Oh, Daddy...

So it's only natural that this food blog would offer up a little countdown of the top five food spreads in cinema history.

Now, we're not talking about food moments (the slicing of garlic with a razor blade in Goodfellas, the kinky food fight in Fried Green Tomatoes, or ample food-making scenes in Julie & Julia, for example).

We're talking about the slow-pan of the camera across an incredible bounty of beautiful foods that ignite your deepest, darkest appetites.

5. Jurassic Park , 1993

For the sake of consistency, I'll give a synopsis of Jurassic Park . But, for the record, if you aren't already familiar with this film, I have no respect for you. It's a pop-culture must-have.

So the movie goes like this: a rich, old man hires a team of catalog fashion models to become scientists and bring dinosaurs back to life. A theme park is created, the old man invites dinosaur experts for a maiden tour, the park's security goes haywire and CGI dinosaurs start eating lawyers off toilet seats.

Remember the part when, after a couple dozen hours of running from fake dinosaurs through the fake jungle, those two annoying kids finally reach safety at the compound? Well, the filthy children stumble upon a catered banquet of every food imaginable. The audience sees a spread that offers all the deliciousness a movie food spread should. (Although I assert that if a poll was taken, the audience would have voted for that blonde girl to just go hungry as punishment for being so unbearable ["He left us! He left us!"] but that's beside the point.) The Jurassic Park food spread covers all the bases and that's why it's our #5.

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