Top Ten Spots for Mac 'n' Cheese in the Valley

Top Ten Spots for Mac 'n' Cheese in the Valley
Paula Reynolds

Mm, mm, mac 'n' cheese. President Thomas Jefferson had it for dinner at the White House in 1802, Crayola made it a crayon color in 1993, and Kraft sells more than one million boxes of it every day.

Dressed up with additional ingredients or stripped down and simple, mac 'n' cheese, essentially cooked elbow macaroni and cheese sauce, has been an American favorite for centuries. And when we get a hankerin' for it in the Valley, our top ten go-to spots for dishes of bubbly hot, creamy and cheesy goodness do the job nicely.

Switch Restaurant & Wine Bar

This contemporary lunch and dinner spot of classic American and European fare on Central Avenue calls its mac 'n' cheese a kitchen specialty. Served up by the plateful and made with penne, Parmesan, bread crumbs, and three kinds of cheese, for a few dollars more, it can be had with classic or Canadian bacon, turkey, or decadent pieces of lobster and crab.

Tuck Shop

In the residential heart of the Coronado District, this low-key and cozy eatery gives its Times Mac and Cheese a delicious kick with crispy bits of prosciutto and herbed breadcrumbs. For a few extra dollars, kick it up a notch with the "add lobstah" option featuring large pieces of the sweet-meat crustacean.

Vogue Bistro

Chef and owner Aurore de Beauduy brings contemporary American bistro cuisine with French influences to this small but stylish eatery in Surprise, including her own take on mac 'n' cheese. Made with truffles and pieces of pancetta, it's the classic dish with a touch of French chic. Délicieux!

Mrs. White's Golden Rule Cafe

An institution when it comes to soul food in Phoenix, this downtown, bare-bones eatery with the menu written on the wall makes sure no one leaves hungry. And what better way to pair platefuls of pork chops or fried chicken than with a side of Mrs. White's gooey and ultra-smooth four-cheese mac 'n' cheese. Warning: food coma imminent.

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