Tortilla Pudding and Churros at Ticoz

Tortilla Pudding at Ticoz
Tortilla Pudding at Ticoz
Dayvid LeMmon

Tired of discovering a restaurant's delectable desserts after already stuffing ourselves full of appetizers and entrees, we're on a mission to find the places where diners should order Dessert First.

This week we headed to Ticoz Resto-Bar to see what irresistible Latin fusion desserts they have to offer. While fond memories of fruit empanadas led us there, it was serendipitous that the seasonal sweet is not currently available. Instead we started with Tortilla Pudding, which definitely did not disappoint.

Ticoz's Tortilla Pudding is concocted similarly to a bread pudding, but the final result is much closer to a cake -- a gooey, cinnamony, can't-stop-shoving-forkfuls-in-your-mouth kind of cake. As the picture demonstrates, this isn't a dessert that's designed to be breathtakingly gorgeous. But that's absolutely fine with us because it's clearly made to be uniquely flavorful, as if the world's best cinnamon roll and grandma's homemade cake had a love child.

Find out what else we had for dessert after the jump.

Upscale Churros
Upscale Churros
Dayvid LeMmon

We also sampled Ticoz's Churros, curious to find them on the menu in such a nice establishment, though they were described as "crunchy donut sticks." That's exactly what they were, and they were definitely better than the typical churro you'll find in a mall or at Costco. For diners who enjoy a simple, plain dessert, the Churros at Ticoz are a great option.

If ordering two desserts to share at $7 each, we'll put our money on two slices of Tortilla Pudding. And eat it while you're there, because this addictive fix won't keep well in a box in the fridge. Plus, we think it deserves royal treatment.

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Ticoz Resto-Bar

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